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The latest plunge in Crypto value puts users in a state of indecision unleashing a chain of responses on Twitter.

The world of cryptocurrency is synonymous with changes that are quite out of the blue. One day, you might be the king of the world, and the next, you might be a Phoebe Buffay living on the streets. There always remains a shadow of change looming over those holding onto crypto, and this risk is a part of the package and quite inevitable. Just like a coin has two sides, cryptocurrency too has its good days and bad days. However, being a holder means exposure to this uncertainty is inevitable. The inevitability doesn’t make it any more unsettling when all of a sudden to the value crashes and you are left gawking. After all, not everybody is a fan of surprises, particularly the nasty ones that can shake you off the ground.


The recent dip in cryptocurrency is of an unprecedented magnitude and has left the holders quite disoriented, muddled, and in a state of absolute indecision. The question that is staring at their faces is whether to buy the dip or sell. Yes, a classic dilemma of whether to hold on or let go. Though the romantic dilemma does not involve empty pockets(most of the time).

Although the dip is quite disorienting, it is always wise to remember the expert advice that at times of crisis like these, it is better to wear glasses which will give you a long term vision of the future, thus helping in better decision making and alleviation of the stress. The trend might crash or go up, but what matters is to keep your head above the confusing waters, and to be anchored on trust. Because all said and done, one cannot overrule the fact that cryptocurrency is a long-term investment.

However, in a tumultuous state and confusion, it is not easy to keep note of expert advice, and most users have taken to Twitter to vent out their feelings concerning the recent dip. And unsurprisingly, another name has been added to the trending list. The cryptocurrency trends never fail to make a trend after all.

Here is a compilation of the reactions and responses from Twitter

Hope is never completely lost after all.

Something to look forward to for the bitcoin users. This is definitely going to turn the spotlight on bitcoin.

Trust and loyalty are different shades of the same hue.

And some good advice here.

And in all the confusion, people have forgotten to spell it correctly.

Issac Newton, we are looking at you.

Patience is the key.





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