The Major Move by the Centre to Prevent Mobile Theft and Tampering in India.

The major move by the Centre to prevent mobile theft and tampering in India.

There have been allegations of duplicate or fake IMEI numbers being discovered in mobile phones. The Uttar Pradesh Police discovered 13,500 devices in Meerut in 2020 that shared the same IMEI information.

Additionally, the Center has mandated that imported mobile phones’ IMEI numbers be registered with the Indian Counterfeit Device Restriction webpage.

Hindustan Times

The IMEI number is a special number that is used to identify GSM, WCDMA, and iDEN mobile phones, to put it simply. Every mobile phone has its own unique number, but dual SIM mobile phones have two IMEI numbers. If the phones are stolen, it is simpler to locate them using the IMEI numbers.