The most effective method to record a Google Meet video brings to rewatch or share the company later

If the recording is permitted by an executive, you can record video meetings for individuals to observe later. You can record on the off chance that you’re the company coordinator or in a similar association as the coordinator. 

Instructors can record when endorsed into their Google Workspace account (like Gmail). If the educator is the gathering coordinator, understudies can likewise record the gathering. 

Tip: As a best practice, it’s in every case great to educate other meeting members before you begin recording.

How to record a Google Meet

1. Start or join a meeting, at that point click the three dots at the base right corner.

2. Click “Record meeting” at the top of the pop-up.

How to record a Google Meet video call in 5 steps, to rewatch or share the meeting later

3. Click “Accept” on the “Ask for consent” pop-up. The recording will begin.

How to record a Google Meet video call in 5 steps, to rewatch or share the meeting later

4. To end the recording, click the three dots again.

5. Click “Stop recording” on the menu then approve with “Stop recording” on the popup.

How to record a Google Meet video call in 5 steps, to rewatch or share the meeting later

To see the recorded Google Meet, go to the meeting organizer’s Google Drive and look for the “Meet Recordings” folder.

When you record a video meeting:

Recordings cover the active speaker and anything that’s presented. Additional windows or notifications are not included. Pinning a member won’t affect who is shown in the recording.

Reports are saved to the coordinator’s Meet Recordings organizer in My Drive. An email with the record interface is additionally shipped off the gathering coordinator and the individual who began the account. The link is additionally added to the Calendar event.

People outside of your organization, versatile application clients, and individuals who dial in using a phone get told when the record starts or stops, yet can’t handle the account.

If a member turns on live captions during recording, the captions won’t be recorded and don’t seem when you play the recording.

In Case You Have Issues with Recording

Perhaps the most well-known issue identified with the Google Meet record include is that the record button is absent. On the off chance that that is the situation, it typically implies that your administrator still can’t seem to give you admittance to recording choices in Google Meet.

However, the button is as yet missing, they need to return and ensure the settings are right in the Google Admin comfort. Likewise, the record button doesn’t exist outside the PC adaptation of Google Meet.

In case you’re having issues finding the document of the record, it very well may be on the grounds that the record hasn’t yet been created. Moreover, how long that can require for will rely upon a few elements, similar to the document size and web association.