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The PS5 Has Been Jailbroken

The PS5 has been jailbroken and that is a really big deal. A PlayStation Modder called “SpecterDev ” has managed to break into the PS5’s operating system. The PS5 is Sony’s next-generation console which was released in 2020. The PS5 has been jailbroken for the first time. This means that it is now possible to install homebrew software on the console. Although this does not mean that it will be easy to get pirated games running, it does open up a lot of possibilities for the console in terms of what can be done with it.

The PS5 Has Been Jailbroken

Credit @ Sony

This is an exciting development for all gamers because it means that Sony will have to work harder at keeping its consoles secure. They will need to find new ways to protect their consoles against hackers and pirates if they want them to remain popular among gamers. The PS5 has been jailbroken, and hackers are already trying to find ways to make it do things that Sony never intended.

This means that hackers can now develop their own games and software without Sony’s approval or assistance, which will lead to an increase in the piracy of games as well as some other interesting consequences. it’s now possible to install Linux on the device which means that people who want to use their PS5 as a PC can now do so without any hassle.

The jailbreaking process was not an easy one, but the SpecterDev managed to get it done. The hacker also released a video of the jailbroken PS5 showing off the debug menu and also installing some kind of operating system on Sony’s latest console. This is a huge deal for the next-generation console and for the gaming industry in general.

The PS5 has been jailbroken, and it can now run an old PS OS or a different operating system. A new video posted to Twitter by SpecterDev shows the PlayStation 5 installing the lost game P.T. People said “Linux on PS5 is real” in the comments accompanying the tweet.

The PS5 was just released 2 years ago, but a hacker has already found a way to break into the console. SpecterDev managed to find a way around Sony’s security and get access to the files on the console that are not meant for public release. The team used a technique called “firmware teardown” to hack the console. They are not releasing any information about the exploit they used, but they did say that it wasn’t an “easy” process.



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