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The recent iOS 14.2 update is draining 50% battery in 30 minutes

The recent iOS 14.2 update has been draining more than half the iPhone’s battery in 30 minutes. There have been many other issues, too, excluding the battery life after the latest update. Almost every user has been facing a version of these bugs, and we have to wait till Apple rolls out a fix. As of now, we know that the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone XS, and the iPhone SE have been affected.

List of reported bugs in the recent iOS 14.2 update

The recent iOS 14.2 update has a lot of bugs

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With the latest iOS 14.2 update, several bugs affecting the battery life of iPhones seriously have surfaced. Let’s take a look at what the users have been mentioning in the company’s forum and also on Reddit.

  1. The most prominent issue reported by some users was that their phones were draining at a pace of about 50% in 30 minutes. Considering how good tha battery life of iPhones is and also, in general, that number is insane. It makes the affected devices practically unusable because they will just drain out in an hour or two of usage.
  2. Some users also faced a weird bug where their phones’ battery percentage increases if they restart it.
  3. Idle battery drain that is generally significantly less on the iOS side. But with the latest update users are reporting issues. A user said that earlier his iPhone SE2 used to lose 1-2% battery overnight. But now, after the update, it’s losing like 5-6% battery in 6 hours’.
  4. The charging speed of the iPhone SE2 has also increased considerably with the new update that too with the 5-watts charger. Plus, the phone gets really warm sometimes while charging.

Apple’s fix

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Apple’s software support is great, and so it is just a matter of time that all the issues are resolved with an update. But even if this new update comes within a week till that time, it will be almost impractical for users to use their devices. So, for now, if you haven’t updated to the new iOS 14.2, then it’s best to stay away until the issues are addressed by the tech giant.

Often with new updates, iOS tends to get many bugs, but this time it is way too much. While otherwise, the bugs are minor and don’t render the phone unusable, it is not the case this time around.

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