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India to become the 5th Asian country to have Pubg Mobile’s own version

Pubg Mobile game got banned in India, and after a lot of efforts by the company, it seems the game is finally coming back. Though we don’t know the date of the game’s arrival, the game will come as Pubg Mobile India whenever it does. So after this India will become the 5th Asian country to have Pubg Mobile’s own version of the game. The new version will comply with all the guidelines of MEITY and won’t have any problems in operating in India.

Other versions of Pubg Mobile

There are already 4 Asian countries that have their own version of the game. This included China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. All of these versions of the game have been specifically tailored according to every country’s user base. Some changes have also been made to comply with government policies in different nations.

Pubg Mobile's own version

Image Source: DNA India

The game is the most played in Korea and Japan. Both these countries have a currency that other versions don’t have, which is the “Donaktsu Medal”. If you have played Pubg Mobile in India, then this medal is like the UC that is used to buy crates, outfits, and other things from the shop. Similarly, in Taiwan, the game is published by HotCool games and not by Tencent and is available on both the app and play store. While in China the name of the game has been changed to Game of peace. Most of these countries allowed the game to arrive in the country after it met their initial requirements.

When is Pubg Mobile coming to India?

India’s own version of Pubg Mobile is expected to arrive in the country very soon. As of now, there have been several testings being conducted on the official site of the game with the download link. But the most important thing that the game has been lacking is the approval of MEITY. The Ministry of Electronics and Information technology is yet to approve the game after it checks whether the game has met all the criteria. All I know is that the probable date for the game to officially arrive is January 2021 (not confirmed!).

Pubg Mobile was banned on 30th October 2020 along with several other Chinese apps. But now India is going to have Pubg Mobile’s own version with all government requirements. What are your thoughts on the same? Do let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content interesting and appropriate do like and share it with your friends.

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