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The Rise Of Fantasy Gaming In India

The Rise Of Fantasy Gaming In India

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Conventionally, gaming is a console activity, but as it becomes more digital, the mobile games market is thriving. There are online fantasy gaming platforms like Dream 11 that offer fantasy sports competitions. Fantasy Sports is essentially an online prediction game where users assemble a fantasy team of real athletes active in a variety of sports including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, football, and basketball.

It is based on a weighted system that transforms the performance of players in real life into fantasy points. With the digitalization of the world, the number of players who act as managers in fantasy sports games and their teams is increasing.

It is an open-mouthed situation that fantasy gaming is the focus of a number of domestic – adult startups in India that are now turning into one of the most popular online gaming platforms in the world.

India’s largest population has access to sports leagues such as cricket, including Kabaddi, football, wrestling, and volleyball. Sports fans have the opportunity to form virtual teams by selecting players for upcoming games. Platforms such as Howzat generate revenue and fall under the umbrella of the Indian Football League (IFL), India’s leading professional sports league.

Play virtual teams and select players by points, and the winners are determined by the number of points available in their team’s player pool.

In a country where sports fans have opinions and consider themselves experts, fantasy sports have become an enabling factor the closer they get to real action and have an opinion. One of the myths associated with fantasy games such as sports betting is that the Supreme Court has declared this game to be a game of skill and ruled that it is legal to play for both cash and free. Indian sports, from cricket to football, basketball, cricket, football, and hockey, have all become more popular in recent times.


Fantasy sports is a skill-based on online sports, where sports fans assemble their own team of real-life players for an upcoming game. The virtual team collects points based on their performance in the game and the winner is announced accordingly. That is why Paytm has announced the launch of a fantasy “Paytm Cricket League” where users can win cash rewards based not only on their team’s performance but also on a range of other factors such as age, gender, age group, and more.

The growing interest in fantasy sports in India coincides with the increasing number of online gambling sites such as Paytm and other online gambling platforms.

fantasy gaming

With the introduction of 5G technology, network operators are aiming to become a major player in the online gambling sector in terms of usage and engagement. The IPL, which started its new season on March 23rd, has created a stir once again with fantasy sports startup Dream11 securing title sponsorship rights for this year’s event. Fantasy sports has become one of India’s most popular online gambling platforms in recent years. The online gambling sector has experienced a huge boom in both usage and engagement since the introduction of Paytm and other online casinos in India in 2014.

It is a research-based online game where participants create their own imaginary teams from real players from different teams, which are intended for league games. Win or lose is based on the real performance of the players in the fantasy team.

Fantasy sports in India saw revenues triple in 2018, totaling more than Rs2,400 crore compared to the previous year. A 2019 report by the National Fantasy Sports Association (NFSA), India’s largest fantasy sports industry association, estimates that the user base of fantasy gaming platforms will surpass 70 million Indians by 2018.

The report notes that OFS and fantasy games increase the consumption of sports in real life. Another 65 percent said they spend more time watching, reading, and gathering information about sports than they do in real life.

Dream11 fantasy sports platform also contributes to the sport’s ecosystem by sponsoring the Indian Football League (IFL) and India’s national football team, the India Football Federation.

This has led to intense competition in the market and also to the growing popularity of fantasy games in India, especially among young people. Add to that the rising popularity of fantasy sports India clearly demonstrates the potential of the country as a major market for football and other sports. The growth of the Indian fantasy football market in recent years has been breathtaking.

Given these growth statistics, India could well be the next hot spot for fantasy games in the near future, especially among young people and adults.



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