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The Sony PS5 gets pretty hot while playing demanding titles

Heat is something that you can’t avoid in small compact consoles with high power. It’s very difficult to have a proper cooling system without many moving parts. And that’s the case even in Sony PS5 here. With only so much space in the console, the powerful components in it heat the console quite a lot. Andrew Hoyle from CNET showed us, using an infrared camera, the areas where the console mainly heats up.

The temperature of Sony PS5 while playing different titles


The heat of the console could be seen through the infrared camera of the CAT S62 Pro. Without the PS5 in intensive use, the temperature of the console was hovering at 19.3 C. After this, the games were fired up, and Andrew noted the temperatures. While playing Astro’s Playroom, the temperature of the console was 28.6 C. After this, the Final Fantasy VII was fired up and played for 40 minutes. Then the temperature of the console was recorded again. This time around, the temperature dropped to about 25.6 C. Do note that these two titles are not as demanding.

After this Andrew fired up two more games that were much more intensive. While playing Bugsnax the temperature was around 31.2 C and while playing SpideMan: Miles Morales the temperature shot up to 35.1 C. Andrew also said that the temperature of the console was much lesser than the latest Xbox counterpart. But at the same time, the titles on the console were also much lighter on the PS5.

Do you think that the temperature of the PS5 is maintained well enough? Or, the temperatures could have been lower. Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative do like it and share it with your friends.

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