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The tech that makes online casinos great in 2022


Online casino and gaming industries are trending in the online market business. This industry is continuously emerging with the advancement of new technologies.

With the easy access to online casinos, the new generation is inevitably getting attracted to this new world. The online casinos are upgrading fast with the use of enhanced tools. These tools provide them with exciting features, which appeal to mass players.

Nowadays, it is much easier and quicker to start a bet. So, players don’t prefer to go to brick-and-mortar casinos. The latest technologies are simple and understandable. We are just one tap away from joining any online casino. We can access an online casino from our phones or tablets from anywhere in the world. It gives us the real-time live experience, which is so exciting. Yet, it is wise to go through online casino reviews to get acquainted with it and learn past, and existing players experience on its platform. There are several casino reviews websites, such as Casino Buddy, which can be used to compare different casinos and choose the best one as per your preference.

We can select the games of our choice, like slots games and live dealer casinos. Betting and gambling through virtual media are vast, and there is a lot to explore.

Some technological advancements are yet to improve our experience. These technologies will hit and boost the gambling market in 2022.

Some of these technologies are:


Nowadays, virtual payment through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin is popular in online casinos. It gained popularity as it is the safest form of payment. Cryptocurrency payment doesn’t require details of the player and reduces the risk of fraud. It is a blockchain technology that terminates the detail-seeking risk.

There is no third party involved in this method. It protects your data from external breaching.

Due to security issues, online casinos are limiting other online payment methods. And we are sure that they will switch to cryptocurrency as now many countries are making it legal.

Virtual reality and Augmented reality

A few years back, players were excited about online casino gambling. They accepted it enthusiastically and made it very popular. Now, players are looking for something more exciting. So, online casinos are bringing video reality and augmented reality technology for their players.

VR and AR made the online gambling player engage in several different games. With this technology, players can experience the 3D world of the game with a head-mounted display(HMD). The topmost game providers are involved in this technology, like NetEnt and Microgaming. Some virtual reality casino games are:


Miss Midas

Jack and the Beanstalk

But, the expenses for experiencing these games need a lot of extra money. Player has to buy all the gadgets and tools to experience and game through virtual reality.

AI-powered gaming

Artificial Intelligence is not new to our world, as it has its use everywhere. It enables your computer to make the decision accordingly.

AI-powered games make decisions based on your past actions and history. They protect you from getting fooled. They improve your playing experience and provide you with a realistic outlook of the game.

AI itself provides you various services like:

Customer services

Fraudulent protection

Attention from gambling addiction

AI-powered games for online casinos will increase their sales. Players get attracted to the services which provide them safety and security. And inform them in advance of future losses.

Live dealing will enhance.

Online casinos are already featured with live dealer gaming. Players prefer live online dealers while playing. They always don’t want to rely on AI-based gaming.

Live dealer assistance gains players’ trust in the game. They feel confident about their gaming and gambling capabilities.

So, the online casinos will enhance their live dealer games. They will introduce new features to attract more players.

Betting through Esports

Esports betting has gained enormous popularity in the last few years. It gave betting technology a new hike. Esports allows players a data-driven customer experience and better chances of in-game gambling. It connects the players with better sports games through bonuses and rewards.

Esports will boost the market of online betting industries in 2022 with the introduction of 5G network and next-generation consoles.

Cyber Security advancement

The online casinos will come up with secured cybersecurity technology as there were several cases of cybercrime in online casinos in the past. Players don’t feel safe putting their money in online casino accounts.

With technological advancement, cybersecurity has become more powerful than cyberattacks. And online casinos will not let these defaulters gain from fraud.

There are several policies and protocols to deal with hacking and breaching.

Access to more countries

Initially, when the online casino industry entered online marketing, they started from tax-free countries. They start trading through Caribbean countries like Barbuda and Antigua. These countries don’t have any trade protocols for outside industries.

Gradually, the online casino industry entered all over the world. But, it is illegal in many countries, and there are restrictions imposed on online casinos.

So, the challenge for the online casino industry in 2022 is to legalize gambling in these restricted countries. The government does not earn any revenue from online casinos, so they don’t legalize it in their country. Maybe with transformations, online casinos get access to the restricted market also.


The online casinos have already reached greater heights. Still, there is a lot to come. Our new generation is indulged and get experienced with the technologies furiously, they always wish for more.

The online casino industry is functioning with advanced tools and is still evolving. Emerging technology will boost the economies of this industry. If casinos serve a better gaming experience to customers, in return, casinos will make profits from these customers.

So, in 2022 we are bound to observe some technological changes in online casinos. If you are new to the casino world and want to review the best online casinos for the Indian market, visit Casino Buddy.




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