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The tennis legend received a blood transfusion for AIDS. The Tragedy of Arthur Ashe

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Tennis player

Medical malpractice was the fatal mistake that killed one of the most popular tennis players of the twentieth century

The largest tennis stadium in the world and the center court of the US Open were named after Arthur Ashe. At one time he won all the majors. He also won the French Open in doubles. The tennis player has the Davis Cup and three dozen other less significant awards. But he could not become the first racket of the world, to which he was close. The Association of Tennis Professionals is his brainchild, which still maintains a similar rating. The athlete reached second place only after seven years. The list of his achievements turned out to be truly great.

Made an excellent career. None of the other players achieved fame through so many hardships and obstacles. An endless struggle is how you can describe his life. And the very fact of his birth forced him to fight. At that time, tennis was an aristocratic game for respectable white people with rather conservative traditions and customs. A skinny black guy, the son of a poor handyman, did not fit into the concept of tennis. Living in Virginia at that time proved to be an even greater misfortune, the last burning point in the US Civil War.

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Thorny path

Among the black guys in their hometown, for obvious reasons, tennis did not enjoy much attention. All of them dreamed of getting into American football or basketball. But because of the thinness of the future legend, his father forbade him to play. The boy continued to want to play sports to take his mind off the death of his mother. I found my outlet in tennis. At the age of seven, Arthur was left without a mother. He was engaged in a special park for blacks on playgrounds near the house. After there were triumphs in Australia and at Wimbledon.

They have already made some money, but most importantly, they have socially developed the effect of Martin Luther King’s famous speech. In the US, African Americans have ceased to be in the community in tennis as something strange and unusual. Ash, with just one of his examples, gave a decent life to many like him. Fighting for the rights of African Americans for the tennis player did not end only with America.

He was a sharp critic of the apartheid regime in South Africa and contributed to the exclusion of athletes from that country from international competition. In addition, Arthur tested outside the South African Embassy in Washington, after which he was arrested and spent several days in custody.

Personal motives acted as the reason for such behavior. South Africa for a long time on its territory did not allow an athlete to tennis tournaments because of the color of his skin. When he nevertheless managed to get there, he was denied accommodation in hotels.

Fight for life

He decided to reveal the truth to the public only when HIV turned into AIDS. A conference was set up, and he said the following:

  • did not want to talk about the disease;
  • made little mention of his career as an athlete;
  • that he is optimistic and does not consider himself a sick person;
  • that he is ready to continue playing his favorite sport.

Arthur received support from the president, revealing the whole truth at the conference. After that, he contacted the winner of the Grand Slam and sincerely wished health from the bottom of his heart. But unfortunately, ten months later, his ex-tennis player left.

The disease did not break the strong spirit of the legend, and therefore he began to engage in noble activities:

  • lectured on AIDS
  • fought the spread of the disease
  • for donations to research, creates its own fund to cure such a severe disease.


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Question answer

Win-win tennis strategies, are there any?

Let’s say right away: there is no win-win scheme. However, a skillful scientific approach will reduce risks and make a stable income.

How is scoring done in tennis?

Sets and games are the basis of tennis.

What does volley mean in tennis?

A volley is a shot at the ball before it bounces off the court.



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