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The US Army plans to inculcate AR for canines
An AR technology for Dogs in the US Army is on its way to being developed

US Army

The US Army is well known for inculcating the latest and coming of age technologies for assistance. This time, it is augmented reality goggles for dogs. They believe that it can fundamentally and fully change how military dogs or canines are going to be deployed in the future. From accompanying infantry patrols to detecting explosives, Dogs have been to many uses in the modern military system. Laser pointers or hand signs are used by the handlers to issue a command to their dogs. These techniques however are archaic and require the handler to be in the line of sight of the dog which limits the distance that the canines can stray from their handler.

The AR reality goggles are deployed for the rectification of this very problem. It would let the military dogs operate at a distance from the handler without them losing control of the dogs. The goggles have an underlying camera that communicates live film distantly, and a heads-up presentation that can be utilized to show orders to the canines. A canine could be coordinated to look through a particular area, for instance, while their controller remains covered up.

Augmented Reality, to explain in layman language, is a virtual environment with real-world interactive experiences. Objects residing in the real world are upgraded by PC produced perceptual data, in some cases across numerous tactile modalities that include auditory, somatosensory, olfactory, haptic, and visual.

The goggles are only a model for the time being and are being created by Command Sight, a Seattle-based privately owned business. The work is being managed by the Army Research Laboratory. The model goggles are wired but the future variants will be remote-controlled and wireless. As indicated by a report from Stars and Stripes, the goggles’ order framework works by reproducing what a canine would see when adhering to guidelines through a laser pointer.

The CEO and founder of Command Sight who is creating these goggles have stated although the work is in its initial stages, the development is extremely promising and is going to be extremely beneficial for the US Army.  The CEO, A. J. Peper has used his Rottweiler for research and he noticed that the results are as expected.

The AR goggles themselves are adjusted from a setup bit of pack for military canines: defensive goggles known as Rex Specs. Each pair of goggles must be customized for its wearer, with 3D sweeps used to find out where precisely to put the HUD for ideal survey points. The commonality of the Rex Specs, however, makes the goggles simple to adjust to according to Peper.

The researchers at Command Sight are motivated and playing to fully develop the prototype for the wireless technology over two years. After its deployment, they’ll be accepting feedbacks to revise whatever shortfalls the technology will have.



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