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The Witcher: Monster Slayer Release Date Revealed

The Witcher: Monster Slayer

Publisher CD Projekt Red today announced that its upcoming site-based monster-killing game The Witcher, Monster Slayer, will release on Android later this month on July 21. Spokeo, the free mobile video game developer, announced last year that the location-based augmented reality video game Pokemon Go would be playing in The Witcher franchise worlds. Instead of venturing out into the world, you will use your mobile device to follow the world of sorcerers and the monsters that roam nearby.

The project was announced in August 2020, so it may take longer for the game to hit the market than the release date. The launch will be on time, new announcements will be made and, of course, freebies will be offered. In addition, The Witcher Monster Slayer comes as a free download for Android and iOS, as the developers behind the game, CD Projekt RED, announced on Friday.

You will fight monsters from all over the world and catch cute Pokemon. The Witcher is on its way thanks to the upcoming WitcherCon 2021, which is due to take place on July 9. CD Projekt Red has confirmed that there will be no new Witcher game at the event.


It was made available for testing in Southeast Asia and New Zealand, and they also intended to release the game on Android devices. The game had a smooth start at the time, and CD Project Red announced that players around the world would be able to get the game. CDPR unveils a trailer for something that makes mobile gaming fans happy. Not all AAA games come from Project Red, as announced, but there is still something that makes them happy.

The announcement of the mobile game may not be what fans anticipated, but it makes sense that CD Projekt Red wants to break into the mobile market for the blockbuster series. In other words, CD Projekt Reds Cyberpunk 2077 sold 1.4 million copies in just three weeks and became one of the most successful role-playing games in video games history. Unfortunately, the game did not get its problems with the sales of the PS4 edition.

The Poles from CD Projekt Red and Spokko have released the first gameplay images of the game. This is a way to demonstrate the professionalism of the company in entrusting a title and franchise to a publisher specializing in mobile games.


If you are a fan of Geralt von Rivia’s exploitation, you will be happy to know that the new game is on the way and will allow you to explore its world from your smartphone. Geralt himself is not the star, but in Monster Slayer you will still be able to strike the silver and steel sword against a variety of monsters and bandits.

CD Project explains that the game will give players a sense of what it’s like to be The Witcher, and will embark on a journey to earn valuable coins by helping villagers fight terrible monsters. The game will be an AR exploration game in which players will have to explore and kill monsters around them, much like games like Pokemon Go. And of course, the goal is not to catch monsters but to collect and destroy them.

The game uses real-time weather conditions and the time of the day to determine the habits and behavior of the monsters. As Geralt, you need to study your goals to learn their strengths and weaknesses before you go into battle. Preparation is crucial to defeating tough enemies, as players must make powerful potions and oils, craft bombs and monster baits, improve their characters and expose them to swords in an ego-AR battle.

The Witcher: Monster SlayerIn the early game, you have a selection of bombs and magical characters at your disposal, which will be useful when you face the many drowning, werewolves, and wing winds on your way. Wandering merchants will help you stock up on your basic needs for monster hunting, and you will find travelers in need to give you quests to complete.

A few scenes suggest an investigation system that allows you to zoom in on landmarks to track down valuable monster bounties. Timelapse footage shows several key sorcerer monsters including the Drowning, Wraith, and Ghoul.

The trailer for the mobile game The Witcher shows how players explore a forest and come across a ghost known as Leshen from the sorcerer’s universe. Users can interact with non-player characters (NPC) to take on quests, pursue monster attacks and clues, and collect craft materials.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer

Android users can sign up for Monster Slayer and the game has its own page. The shop page describes the game in such a way that you can track monsters, learn their habits and prepare for battle.

Although we do not expect Monster Slayer to perform at WitcherCon, it is certain that it will have some kind of performance. A year after the games and novels The Witcher, players take on the role of sorcerer at a time when Monster Slayer has been hired as a new profession.



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