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[In Pictures]The World Robot Conference 2018 at Beijing, China

20 August, 2018

HIT Robot Group (“HRG” or “the Group”), one of China’s leading robot manufacturers, presented the Analysis Report on Robot Industry in China 2018 alongside its new “Robotics Biosphere” business model during the World Robot Conference 2018, held from August 15-19 in Beijing.

The report evaluated the status of the country’s supply chain, highlighted obstacles, and predictions on potential future developments. 

Under the national strategic plan “Made in China 2025,” the market scale of the Chinese robotics industry has rapidly expanded. In 2017, China’s robotics industry reached a market scale of RMB 120 billion (approx. US$17.44 billion) with a 25.4 per cent year-on-year increase; a world-leading growth rate, as suggested by the report.

The report predicts that the business will see more mechanical leaps forward as the market keeps on quickening. Ventures of note incorporated the coordinations, instructive, and medicinal parts where the interest for apply autonomy arrangements stays high.

In an offer to additionally follow up on showcase patterns and bolster undertakings inside the business, HRG has built up the “Mechanical technology Biosphere”. Another plan of action and exhaustive arrangement of administrations for organizations at different business stages. The inventive new model gives a full-industry chain benefit, from research to center item improvement, brooding and to showcase technique, helping change over innovative R&D leaps forward into beneficial undertakings.

“We’ve established several institutes across China to develop robots across different sectors, incubate startups, and facilitate companies to sustain their business,” said Zong. “We’ve been making efforts to provide a platform for players in the robotics industry, with a focus on R&D, startup incubation, talent cultivation and market investment,” he said. 




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