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The Xbox Game Pass Update Turns The Surface Duo Into A Nintendo

The Xbox Game Pass Update Turns The Surface Duo Into A Nintendo


The update also means that Microsoft is keen to give people a different choice. Xbox Game Pass is now compatible with Xbox controller clips and game peripherals such as the Razer Kishi DS-style dual-screen controls. Microsoft seems to have borrowed this feature from the Nintendo DS, which Xbox controllers have not yet offered.

Not every game on Game Pass supports dual-screen touch control, but there is great potential if developers choose to use it. Some games, such as Gears 5, support motion control with the built-in Gyro Surface Duo. Either way, you could argue that it’s not dissimilar to using the Nintendo DS as a proposed design for an Xbox gaming handheld.

Due to the touch screen, additional buttons can be placed on the screen to enhance the gameplay of certain games. Earlier this week Microsoft also announced the arrival of many A-lister games from Nintendo to Xbox Game Pass.

You can check our story on that Linked Below many A-listers like Octopath Traveler is slated to come out later this month.

It will also be possible to play games with various wireless controllers. The trial version of the service includes several dozen new games. Next year, the service will be available to PC owners running Windows 10.

With the Surface Duo 2, which is rumored to come later this year, Microsoft is paving the way for a gaming-centric dual-screen device. When we get an Xbox DS, we don’t rub our noses in it. Dual-screen support could also come soon.

The device is rumored to be in development since the second half of 2020 it will be built on the same foundation that the original duo was. It will be running on the latest snapdragon as per the leaks. we have to wait till launch to know about its true capabilities.

It’s worth noting that cloud gaming on Android and iOS devices is only available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers on Microsoft’s most expensive plan, which is $14.99 (PS10.99, AU $15.95) per month. You can also take advantage of the Xbox Live Gold, which provides access to the entire Xbox Game Pass library on console and PC, as well as cloud gaming for Android and Android devices.

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