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US India Artificial Intelligence Initiative Launched, To Boost Bilateral Cooperation In Research and Development

The US India Artificial Intelligence (USIAI) was launched by the Indo-US Science and Technology Forum on Wednesday.

The initiative was launched with the objective of strengthening the science and technology relationship between both countries. By effectively collaborating the resources of both countries, the initiative aims to break down barriers of growth and ensure maximum progress.

Taking into consideration the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence across various fields, and its potential to take the future by storm, it is only imperative that the major focal point of the latest technological collaboration is AI. Judging by the past ventures between the two nations that have proved to greatly beneficial and successful, this new initiative is also held in high hopes.

In the words of Professor Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary, Department of Science and Technology,

“Indo-US relationship in the field of science and technology is very old and collaborations have resulted in great benefits for both the countries. We need to further scale it up in various fields, and AI can play a major role in the future. We have identified the barriers of growth in India that could be useful for the United States too.”

The USIAI Initiative

The major focus of the initiative will be to channel the resources of both countries to carve out the best strategy  that ensures beneficial results in the field of artificial intelligence. The critical areas prioritized by both nations will brought to the forefront. It will also serve as a working ground to direct discussions regarding opportunities, challenges and barriers for bilateral AI research and development collaboration. This will inevitably open new doors for ideas and innovations in the field of artificial intelligence.

The initiative will also prove to be fruitful in providing a platform to discuss the upcoming developments in the AI landscape, pool the ideas of key stakeholder groups, share experiences and identify new grounds for research and development.

The potentiality of the Indo-US Science and Technology Forum to bring together key stakeholders from India and US, is the fuel that fires this initiative. It helps in creating synergies that can efficiently address challenges regarding science and technology and identify novel opportunities.

The workshops and roundtables that will be conducted over the next year will add clarity to the plans that will take the initiative further.

The collaboration is looked at with monumental expectations and hopes. With the combined power of both the countries, the initiative has the potential to become a catalyst of massive change and innovation that will reap rewards for both the countries. Director of National Science Foundation (NSF)), Sethuraman Panchanathan, commented,

“Two large democracies of the world can do wonders by creating synergies and collaboration, and the time is right to launch such initiative. We are looking forward for more research and high-impact collaboration to boost both the economies, create jobs and bring prosperity”



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