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There are no such plans to rename Zomato

The houses of India shout Zomato as soon as they are hungry. The company has now become an integral part of our lives and this is the reason that now we cannot even imagine a life without it. Lately, there was news that the company is renaming itself as eternal in a couple of days. But now, the company has made it clear that they are not planning to change any name and that “eternal was an internal part of the company”. The eternal word was part of the internal matters of the company and denoted the name of the entire 3 businesses combined. It was a part of the note given by Goyal to his employees.


Deepinder Goyal on the Issue

Deepinder Goyal in a file photo

Credits: mint


The founder said that Zomato is a very big and important part of his life and the purpose of this eternal name was just a rebranding of the company. The CEO also pointed out that the hardest and the most fulfilling part of his journey is still left to achieve and that’s the reason why this news will not affect anyone’s work including the CEO himself. Currently, the company has 3 businesses going on. Firstly, Zomato the online food delivery service that delivers food at your doorstep in a matter of minutes. Another one is Blinkit, which is also a delivery service but generally delivers groceries and packaged food items in a maximum time of 10 minutes. Lastly, Hyperpure this company aims to provide food ingredients to restaurants and hotels for their kitchen. 




The word Eternal was just to bind up and is referred to as a joint name for all these 3 businesses and there is no such plan to change the name of any company. This issue has been highlighted so much as the company’s shares have come to a downfall of 15% after this rebranding. There was also an issue which was pointed out that Deepinder Goyal is going to drop Zomato due to the downfall of the shares but it’s totally wrong. He claims that he is as excited to continue the company as anyone can be. The popular food delivery app still has to touch laurels in the market and Goyal is all set for it.



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