Thieves broke into a café and stole $500K worth of iPhones

On April 2nd, an unprecedented but interesting theft took place at the Alderwood Mall in Seattle, Washington. As per initial reports, it is estimated that the robbers stole 436 iPhones worth about 500 thousand dollars.

The Masterplan:

Although such incidents are common all over the world, the nature of this theft has left the internet in awe. Two male thieves broke into the Seattle Coffee Gear, a coffee shop in the mall adjoining the Apple store, they then made their way to the washroom and cut a hole in the wall to enter the back storage unit of the Apple store without triggering any alarms.  Fortunately, the incident took place at night when the mall had closed for the day and there were no workers in either the coffee shop or the apple store. However, the coffee shop located in Lynnwood would have to spend about $2000 in repairs.


Mike Atkinson, the Chief Executive Officer of the coffee brand took to twitter informing others about the nature of this unique incident. He also shared a picture of the wall of the bathroom where this incident took place.



Twitter users have made speculations about the theft and have varied ideas of how this could have taken place. CEO Mike has also revealed a few details in the comment section. A twitter user suggested that a contractor who had worked on that wall before might be the guy the police is looking for because ‘no pipes were harmed in the breaking of this wall’. Mike agreed with what the user said and suggested that it could be an inside job. He further revealed that the CCTV footage which is being kept confidential for now shows that the two robbers concluded their plan in less than 15 minutes. The manager of the coffee shop also said that they do not appear adjacent to the apple store on the surface and it is only due to the weird structure of the building. He added that the thieves must have had access to the construction plans of the building to have carried this out perfectly, further fortifying the stance that an insider might have been involved.

There has not been any statement from Apple as of now but we are expecting an official statement by the end of the coming week.

The Lynnwood Police are investigating the intensively planned robbery with the active help of the coffee chain and the tech giant.