This startup lost $500,000 because a remote worker wouldn’t disclose their location
After receiving a fine for this reason, the tech startup GravyWork in Virginia had to reconsider its approach to managing nomadic workers.

A remote worker’s inability to uncover their area cost the top chief of a US-based programming business $500,000.

The paper was educated by Alex Atwood of Virginia-based GravyWork that he began getting alerts from Texas and California government associations last year.

He was baffled.

It worked out that one of Atwood’s full-time representatives, a previous computer programmer, had been working from those states for expanded timeframes without telling him.

Atwood was given notification that he was expected to pay a fine since he had forgotten to enlist his organization in Texas and California.

Atwood asserted that his startup owes fines and expenses adding up to $30,000. Nonetheless, he said that the genuine expense was nearer to $500,000 while representing the time he and his associates spent settling the issue.