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Three Ways AI Is Changing Customer Experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role in how eCommerce businesses operate. From data collection and mining to data analytics, AI has transformed how online ventures perform market research to optimize their sales. Not just market research, AI has a massive hand in automating major eCommerce business management processes, resulting in time and cost savings internally. Another area in which AI has brought a massive transformation is customer experience. Customer experience matters the most for any business as its growth depends on the customers. AI is significantly improving the experiences of customers, promising more significant, more meaningful returns. With this in mind, we have discussed three significant ways in which AI is changing customer experience. 

Why Is Market Research for eCommerce Essential?

In recent times, market research has become a necessity for eCommerce. It seems impossible to ensure a better customer experience without the knowledge of market research. There are numerous ways in which performing market research proves beneficial for companies. Market research helps companies gain competitive and actionable consumer insights that can be used for text analytics and sentimental analysis. Market research is the best way to know your target audience and the latest trends in the market. Businesses can generate more leads if they know their consumers better. Moreover, you can also know about your competitor’s strategies with market research. It helps you to learn how you can improve your business. Besides, market research also helps in promotion and advertising. 

Earlier traditional market research methods such as surveys and polls were the easily accessible options. However, they are time-consuming and expensive. In the age of digital transformation, AI-driven market research has replaced traditional market research to a great extent. It has resulted in tremendous growth of AI text analytics tools and eCommerce marketing platforms. 

Below Are Three Ways AI Is Reshaping Customer Experience

There are several ways in which AI is enhancing and reshaping the customer experience. Below are the three biggest ways in which AI can promise better consumer satisfaction. 

Improve Customer Insights: AI-driven market research for eCommerce helps in improving consumer insights. With the aid of AI tools, companies can gain valuable and accurate data and user-generated content faster. Market research for eCommerce helps in gaining consumer insights. Consumer insights are used to interpret consumer behavior, opinions, and feedback, besides knowing your target audience. Some eCommerce platforms, such as Revuze, use AI to provide you with real-time consumer insights. These insights can be used to optimize sales and conversions. 

Better customer personalization: Every customer has different preferences and likes and dislikes. It thus becomes essential for a business to connect with their customers on a personal and more profound level. Besides focusing on a segmented audience, it’s also crucial to know your individual customers. 

With the help of AI, you can achieve better customer personalization. Using AI to send personal recommendations is one of the ways to improve customer personalization. For example, Netflix uses AI algorithms to suggest shows based on a viewer’s previous behavior. Remember, customers like sticking to companies that take care of their interests and needs. Apart from personalized recommendations, companies also use AI to create customized content and customized products/services. 

Improved Chatbots: One of the most significant ways in which AI is improving customer experience is through automated conversations. AI is used to create chatbots and virtual assistants to help customers chat with companies or customer services without waiting for days or hours. Every customer likes a quick response and resolution of their queries. However, it is not possible with human assistants and customer service teams. They cannot be available 24/7 to assist their customers. Hence, having AI chatbots to make real-time and personalized conversations with customers becomes crucial. 

Delays in customer service can piss off customers. There is also a possibility that you start losing your customers if their problems and queries are not heard. Therefore, AI chatbots are essential to eliminate any delay in customer service. Besides, AI chatbots also help customers to find the right product/services. 


Undoubtedly, AI is drastically changing customer experiences. Making your customers happy and valued should be the priority of every business. You can grow your business only if your customers show interest in it. You can achieve customer satisfaction with the help of quality market research. It is where AI steps in. Conducting market research is not enough, but doing it the right way matters the most. In this fast-paced world, you must use advanced tools and platforms to boost your market research. AI-driven market research tools and online platforms can help you improve consumer insights, personalize with your customers, and enhance chatbots. Nonetheless, it’s important to use reliable and good AI tools to enhance the customer experience. 



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