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TikTok users share credit card information and other information of judges that overturned Roe. Source: Boston Herald

TikTok Election Funding is Prohibited, and Neither Politicians nor Parties may Profit from it.

As of this morning, the site has banned any TikTok election funding. In addition to being prohibited from using the short-form video app to raise money for the midterm elections, political organisations and candidates will also have all types of monetization turned off.

In addition, political accounts must now be verified before the midterm elections.

TikTok election fundraising banned | Hands counting $100 bills

Both policies were disclosed by the business in a blog post. The ban on fundraising is an expansion of the current ban on political advertisements.

Described as an experiment, mandatory account verification for politicians and parties will be in effect at least through the midterm elections.

According to TikTok, the change aims to lessen polarisation on the platform