TikTok shown on a screen

TikTok had a ‘kill list’ of workers in the London office they wanted to force out, stated employees
The employees stated how this list had names of many of the employees in the office in London

TikTok shown on a screen
TikTok had a ‘kill list’ of workers in the London office they wanted to force out, stated employees.
Source: Yahoo News

Reports this week specify how certain workers at ByteDance’s TikTok alleged that it possessed a ‘kill list’ of employees they were determined to compel to leave the office. The anonymous workers, four in number gave their statement to concerned news outlets regarding the inclusion of the names of many employees the firm were determined to let go of.

Reportedly, they stated how certain employees on the concerned list had been working with TikTok only for a few week. Moreover, in certain cases, replacement were got in even prior to these employees even leaving or getting fired. Moreover, many other workers stated how the senior executives even went further to come up with hostile work atmosphere deliberately to push the people to hand in their resignation.

A spokesperson from the social media platform stated how a list of this sort, or purpose or terminology would not be accepted, and nor is it aligned with their ‘internal policies’ on management of employees’ performance or probation. Moreover, they stated how they could not even locate the particular list in question.

A worker from London stated she was isolated and often reprimanded by her fellow employees, adding how such behaviour made her doubt her own worth. Another employee alleged TikTok of depriving the workers of their work, and gaslighting them.

Further statements from the London-based employees:

Several of the workers went on to report that the employees whose names came on the list would get their roles switched to have projects which they were not trained in. Another representative of the platform stated how they would not condone the occurrence of such a list, adding how they had rigorous systems and rules intact. These rules, they stated, existed to make sure of an unbiased, and just working of the management.

Additionally, they said how the firm pushes the workers to share their feedback with managers and Human Resources through an anonymous outlet. A few months ago, the staff from the San Francisco and New York offices of the company noted that the platform maintained a ‘996 culture’ in which workers were pushed to work for twelve hours, for six days every week.

Another spokesperson from the company again went on to deny these claims of the alleged 996 cultures. Moreover, additional workers stated how its parent company, ByteDance played a profound role in facilitating such an atmosphere.