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Tim Cook has a chance to stand out of Job’s Shadow
With Cook's contribution to Apple Cars, he will make a name for himself as an innovative CEO for the company

Tim Cook

It has been 9 years since Tim Cook took the position of CEO of Apple after the death of the co-founder Steve Jobs on October 5, 2011. The revenue and stock of the company have run up since then but the primary products of the company have remained the same. If the rumor of Apple launching electric autonomous cars happens to be true, it can bring new light to the work executed by Tim Cook in his career and also bring him out of the shadow of Steve Jobs.

A gander at Apple’s income for the year that finished September 26 shows the degree to which Apple’s income comes from items and administrations dispatched before Cook’s residency as CEO. Apple’s income was $274.5 billion. iPhone deals represented $137.8 billion of that. The main iPhone was delivered in 2007. Last year, the revenue of Mac was $28.6 billion.

Most of the credit for Apple’s portfolio of accessories, home products, and wearable like the Apple watch goes to Tim Cook. These products individually however do not contribute to the revenue of Apple. The revenue from this phase and segment of Apple was $30.6 billion last year.

The service business is the biggest success in the past three years of Apple’s. Its revenue from these businesses at year-end in September was $52.8 billion. The foundational parts of Apple include iTunes and iOS which is in the market and running successfully for over 10 years now. New products like Apple Pay and Apple TV have also been added.

One of the largest consumer product sectors in the near future across the globe is going to be that of electric vehicles. A great deal in this growing industry can benefit Apple tremendously. Some U.S. states and some of the world’s biggest nations have ordered a transition to environmentally friendly vehicles. China effectively advances the deals of zero affirmations vehicles. The United Kingdom intends to boycott the deals of petroleum derivative fueled vehicles by 2030.

Reuters collected information about Apple’s car for the first time. According to that report, Apple’s stand-out point was the latest battery technology used. Reuters described it as a “breakthrough”. Critics have called attention to the promptly visible obstacles. The infrastructure vital for auto production is enormous, costly, and complex. That isn’t to specify promoting, circulation and backing. In any case, Apple has producing skills coordinated by a couple of organizations and could rethink a portion of this. It additionally has brand acknowledgment that might be better than any on the planet.

Volkswagen has been supportive of Apple and backs its success as they are aware of the practically unlimited access to resources that Apple has.




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