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Tiny one-seater Alibaba electric vehicle with four wheels

The tiny one-seater Alibaba electric vehicle is different from a two-wheeler, as it gives the room kind of experience with its four wheels. It wouldn’t be surprising to give the car a tag of being the world’s smallest four-wheeled electric car. Even though there are various options for greener vehicles, this small vehicle could be a practical application for real-life purposes in a typical urban lifestyle.

Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week: Tiny One-Seater  Electric Car - Electrek

Image credits- Electrek

The tiny car has two doors, one seat, and four wheels. The vehicle pretty much has two doors and one seat as a whole. Stated, “There, that’s all you need to move exactly one human and a half of grocery bag effectively.” The vehicle looks like it had been purposely made in a narrow way, where the side mirrors also seem to be sticking to the car. It is a short vehicle, which if it had only a two-wheeler, it could be called an advanced wheelchair with a fancy room.

But unlike the idea of the vehicle being a wheelchair, it could actually be used by regular people. It is a 230km (507 lb) vehicle and has a 1,000W motor (1.3 horsepower). It doesn’t seem like the vehicle’s rear-wheel drive will be able to lift the nose up, but a moderate amount of wind could do the work.

The best thing about the tiny Alibaba EV is it’s fairly large 60V with a 32Ah battery pack having a capacity of 1,920Wh. There are many e-bike with battery range and specifications, but having a comfortable seater is something unique. A lead-acid battery pack is used in the vehicle.

Better interiors

No matter how it might look from the outside for people, the interior is truly appreciable. Like the seat is comfortable and is stated to be much “nicer” than other Alibaba’s electric cars. However, it could build up some claustrophobic feeling while driving with windows rolled up. The company stated that it kind of has two seats, but it possibly comes by counting the driver’s lap as a spare seat.

For smaller daily life activities like bringing groceries, going to a nearby clubhouse, the vehicle could actually be used. It could be an added luxury item bought at a cheap price like a golf cart or a buggy. The price of the vehicle is known to be around the $100-$4,000 range. A $100 or little additional value does sound decent, but for a $4,000 value, it is hard to buy the vehicle without knowing how it actually performs. Regardless, it could be an interesting purchase for a buyer. The vehicle seems to be different from other Alibaba’s electric vehicle experiments.



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