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Tips to Prepare for your LSAT


You could be feeling overwhelmed if you’re thinking about taking the LSAT or if you’ve already started. That’s normal—everyone studying for the LSAT experiences this at some point. But don’t be concerned. All you have to do is stick to our top LSAT study techniques and you’ll be fine on test day.

Apply for LSAT

Choose the LSAT test date that works best for you and register with the LSAC as your first step in preparing for the LSAT. This step is crucial because by registering for the LSAT, you will commit to a test date and will no longer be able to put off studying by persuading yourself that there will be more time later. Because you’ll know precisely how much time you have between now and the LSAT, it’ll be simpler to say no to those day getaways to the beach or the slopes. You’ll need to make sure you have adequate time to study before deciding which LSAT exam is right for you.

Block your study time early

You should study for the LSAT for at least two months, and three months if possible. You should study for 2 to 3 hours each day for at least 4 to 5 days per week during these months. There’s no getting around it: studying for the LSAT is like taking an extra class throughout the semester. And cutting out your calendar in advance is the best way to excel in your LSAT preparation. Make sure you have adequate time to study by planning ahead of time. You don’t want to discover a few weeks before the LSAT that you haven’t given yourself enough time to prepare.

Setting and sticking to an LSAT study plan is critical to your success, so start planning your LSAT Study Schedules as soon as possible.

Pick the ideal study materials

After you’ve determined the ideal LSAT study plan for you, you’ll need to choose the finest LSAT study resources. An LSAT prep book or two will be essential to your success in studying. There are a lot of books to pick from, so take advantage of our handy list of the Best LSAT Prep Books.

You may also determine that a prep course is necessary in addition to picking a suitable book. You can locate a course with a predefined timetable if you struggle with discipline if the prospect of creating your own course plan overwhelms you. If you want flexibility or need to squeeze LSAT prep into an already packed schedule, you may find that studying online at your own speed is the best option. In any case, make your decision early and based on what has previously worked effectively for you.

Practice makes perfect

You’ve chosen your LSAT test date and purchased your preparation materials. You already know what comes next: a lot of LSAT preparation. To genuinely enhance your LSAT score, you’ll need to spend hours upon hours working on LSAT practice problems. You must do so for several reasons.

To begin, learn how LSAT issues are formed and how the test developers will write questions and answers in an attempt to deceive you. Second, you must see all of the different levels of difficulty that you will encounter on exam day. Not all Logic Games or Logical Reasoning questions are the same. Your ability to spot difficult questions will play a role in your success. You should skip these questions and return to them later if you have time. Finally, by the time the real LSAT arrives, you should be so comfortable with LSAT test questions that you can take on whatever the LSAC throws at you.

Reviewing your incorrect answers and doing practice exams are also important parts of your preparation (more on this in the following tip!). Knowing how to study for the LSAT is essential, since it will allow you to maximize your study time. So, before you start putting in your hours of LSAT prep, read How to Study for the LSAT to make sure you’re getting the most out of your time.

Take full length LSAT practice tests

Taking full-length LSAT practice exams is an important aspect of your LSAT preparation that will help you improve your LSAT score. When you’re faced with the prospect of taking many practice LSATs, you’re undoubtedly thinking how much time you’ll need. To discover more about the LSAT and how long it takes, go to How Long Is the LSAT?

At least four full-length practice exams are recommended. This translates to around 16 hours of pleasure with different choices. Isn’t it exciting? You’ll be thankful for that 16 hours of prep time on test day—the exam structure, format, and scheduling will be so familiar to you that you’ll have no option but to ace the LSAT.


Setting a game plan early on and adhering to it is the key to success on the LSAT. You’ll be sure to ace the LSAT and get into the school of your dreams if you keep your attention on both your strong and weak areas.



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