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Tired of using LetsIntern? Try KillerLaunch- Your new destination to find internships

Want to try something new instead of LetsIntern?


Do you want to explore more websites for finding internships?

Then I have good news for you…

LetsIntern helped us find so many internship opportunities…

It gave a kickstart to many people’s careers also.

But let’s bid a farewell to LetsIntern.

And welcome a new amazing website with much more exciting features and options- KillerLaunch to find internships!

Get free access to multiple internships in just a click!

You want to know why?

When compared with LetsIntern, I found out that KillerLaunch is:

  1. Faster
  2. Easier to use
  3. Customize according to a student’s need
  4. Convenient
  5. Well-structured.

Seems impressive right? Get access to all these amazing features without looking for several websites on the internet. Find all these features in a single website.

Have a look at this side to side comparison, to get a clear picture:

  1. Filters:

Look at these two filters. Which one would you prefer? Comparatively, KillerLaunch’s filters are more convenient to use. But, LetsIntern’s filters have more options, which makes it a fair competition. 

At KillerLaunch, we provide you a unique salary filter to enter the stipend amount you wish to work for. It will show you the internship opportunities according to your preferences.

  1. Navigation:

You can find internships 2 times faster now because you don’t need to click on each internship description to get the full details.

KillerLaunch has especially highlighted all the necessary details like stipend and type so that you can judge fastly if you want to apply to that particular internship or not.

Get used to easy to navigate, user-friendly job descriptions!

  1. Dashboard:


KillerLaunch provides you a unique dashboard where you can access information related to your application quickly. You can easily chat , check notifications and view your experience quickly. So hassle free job finding!

Whereas, LetsIntern provides you a dashboard with an option of seeing your profile strength so that you can quickly edit if you’re missing out on anything.

  1. Resume Maker:
Resume Builder at KillerLaunch         

Resume Builder at KillerLaunch              

KillerLaunch has an amazing option where you can build your resume for free, without going to some other website for it. On the other hand, when I logged in to LetsIntern, I didn’t find any resume builder. 

So it may be a little bit inconvenient for some people especially freshers looking for internships as they may have to navigate some other site for building their resume.

Find more than just internships at KillerLaunch:

Not just internships, but at KillerLaunch we provide you 1000+ jobs options too!

Also at KillerLaunch we provide you with a unique facility of applying to startup jobs. Nowadays, startup jobs are in a huge demand in India. The startups work closely and value the work of each individual, recognizing them for their dedication. You need to hustle hard in order to reach the satisfaction level compared to normal jobs.

Compared to corporate jobs, startup jobs provide you with a more fun-loving and growing environment. Ideas are always welcomed, you stand with them in their failures and so do they!

KillerLaunch provides you with 100+ verified startup jobs. And the best part is we provide you with startup internships too!

Enter the details about your qualifications, projects, preferences, and places you have worked for before. The resume will get you going with a rocket speed.

KillerLaunch Blogs: 

Regular updates are mandatory about the startup and everything that goes in and about. We present to you the KillerLaunch blog. Here you get the solution for all of your queries about startup fundings, startup news, startup vacancies, and what not? The only thing left for you to do sign on for KillerLaunch now and see your dreams communicate reality.

How to find internships at KillerLaunch?

Step 1: Go to www.killerlaunch.com and register there. Fill all the necessary details and your profile is ready!

Step 2: Next, go to my resume section and build your resume by adding your qualifications and experiences etc.

Step 3: Now, you’re ready to apply for jobs. Set the filters according to your need and select the most favorable job.

Step 4: Click on Quick apply and your resume and details will be directly sent to the employer

Step 5: Sit back and relax!

So, what are you waiting for? Visit KillerLaunch.com today and find more than just internships!



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