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Todos medical Ltd. is now accepting cryptocurrency

Tollovid and Tollovid Daily, Todos Medical Ltd’s exclusive 3CL protease inhibitor health products, are now accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin as payment.

When customers choose Coinbase Commerce as their payment method atcredits- youtube checkout on the company’s website, the company claims it can accept these types of payments.

Todos CEO Gerald Commissiong said in a statement, “We think strongly that everyone should take Tollovid to support their immune function during times of significant immune challenge and should be taking Tollovid Daily each and every day in order to maintain continuous healthy immune function.”

He continued, “The ability to accept widely used cryptocurrencies is an essential step. As we expand our marketing activities around our revolutionary 3CL protease inhibitor health solutions.”

Tollovid and Tollovid Daily are dietary supplement products. These products have gained Certificates of Free Sale from the United States Food and Drug Administration. The certificate allows them to be in the market and carrying out sales in the United States. The FDA has given the business permission to make two specific claims about each product: Tollovid and Tollovid Daily aid in the support and maintenance of good immune function.

3CL protease inhibitors Tollovid and Tollovid Daily

Tollovid is for customers who require or could benefit from daily immune support. While Tollovid Daily is for clients who require or could benefit from daily immune support. Tollovid and Tollovid Daily are both available for subscription and may now be purchased with cryptocurrency.

About Todos Medical Ltd.

Todos Medical Ltd. is a cancer in-vitro-diagnostic startup based in Rehovot. It is developing a range of blood tests for the early diagnosis of a variety of cancers. The novel cancer tests will complement existing cancer screening and diagnosis tools. Their mission is to help save lives by detecting cancer early. Which also includes causing the least amount of discomfort to the patient.