Top 10 PMP Courses in 2021

Professionals looking to amplify their skill set and market demand should be assessing and investing in certification courses. The PMP (Project Management Professional) examination is an excellent certification to let organizations know candidates are well-versed in completing projects within designated timeframes, inside the required scope and often below budget. Preparing for the examination may feel nerve-wracking; however, keep in mind there are a number of preparation courses available on the market. This blog offers a rundown of the top 10 PMP courses of 2021.  

Why PMP Certification? Successfully completing the PMP examination offers individuals the ability to earn up to 25% more than non-certified project management professionals. Ranked by CIO magazine as the “top project management certification”, employers are always looking to add individuals holding the accreditation to their workforce. With over 2.2 million new project-oriented roles developing annually, project managers with optimized skill sets will be in high demand. Offer the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve by adequately preparing for the PMP examination with one of the courses below. 

Top 10 PMP Courses in 2021

Master of Project Academy

Considered the number one PMP training option, Master of Project academy was founded in 2012 and has helped more than 100,000 professionals over 180 countries get the certification to better their professional opportunities. Master of Project Academy offers a number of benefits to course takers including flexible learning plans including self-paced, in-person and instructor-led PMP live sessions. The course additionally offers over 2100 PMP practice questions for a well-rounded understanding of what the exam entails and the question formats. 

The training starts at $67 monthly with access to extensive PMP training materials to ensure candidates are well prepared for the PMP examination. The Master of Project academy training course is recognized by PMI and offers a leading 99.6% first attempt pass rate in project management certification examinations. 


Invensis Learning, founded in 2000, has trained over 10,000 students and is a trusted partner for Fortune 500 companies, MSMEs and government agencies. They deliver globally recognized training and certification programs to professionals looking to enhance their skill sets. The Invensis PMP training is coupled with the highest quality courseware to create a high impact training course over six weeks. 

Delivered in classroom settings, live online training and corporate group training, pricing starts at $1395. Discounts are available when multiple participants are registered simultaneously.


Simplilearn started as a project management blog primarily used to share advice and further information with PMP candidates. With the exponential growth of their online popularity, Simplilearn began to offer PMP training courses. Gradually, they have become a go-to organization for high-quality online PMP training courses. Their delivery method offers a balance between online courses and live instructor-led classes. The training course consists of 17 lessons, eight sector case studies, lecture readings, section level quizzes, 20 sector scenarios, six practical projects and seven simulation tests that consist of 200 questions each. 

This all-encompassing training course is offered at different price points worldwide. In India, the PMP training cost is equivalent to $129. However, the self-paced PMP training in the United States would cost $499. The PMP pricing is also higher in Europe, costing $779. For students based out of the Indian subcontinent, Simplilearn offers the best deal. 


Brainsensei was founded by two successful and well-established professionals within the Project Management field. Dr John Estrella is a notable entrepreneur, author, and winner of the PMI educational foundation scholarship for his doctoral studies. Chris Stafford, the co-founder, holds over 20 years of practical project management experience. The two in cohesion offer a well-rounded training course, pushing the understanding “getting your online certification shouldn’t be painful”. 

The Brain Sensei complete PMP Exam prep course is an online self-paced course. The preparation package offers a large amount of material with four full practice exams (over 900 questions). Pricing begins at $99.99 for six months worth of access with the practice papers and unlimited contract hours. They have four other PMP program modules at varying price ranges and access to different content packages.

Project Management Academy 

The Project Management Academy offers aspirants a guarantee of passing their PMP examination on thor first attempt. The organization offers its training as a four-day boot camp with a live instructor. Additionally, applicants are granted six months worth of access to an online training portal to build firmer understandings at their pace. Additionally, in-house PMP training is available upon request and can be held at any location based on client preference. 

Of course, the cost starts from $2895 but can be subject to discounts and special rates that can be found on the website. 


Velociteach boasts over fifteen years of contribution towards growing the project management field. The company was founded in 2012 to empower other project management professionals in a palatable yet dynamic way. Velociteach has worked with a number of organizations across a wide selection of industries to offer the most practical and expansive training course on the market.

The course is offered both in-person and virtually. In-person courses are limited to select locations across the United States. Both courses are priced at $2447. 

Knowledge Hut

Knowledge hut works to equip the next generation workforce with the skills required to thrive in corporate environments as they grow and develop. With over 200 courses spanning across 120,000 learners in more than 70 countries, their eight years of training experience boasts some of the most successful professionals in their respective fields. Knowledgehut’s PMP training course is delivered in both classroom and e-learning environments and offers six full-length mock examinations. 

Upon successful registration, candidates are offered a number of training materials and practice questions. Online training courses start at $899, and classroom training begins at $1099. However, both pricing structures are subject to discounts available on the website.


The leading education platform offers test preparation and certification training for an array of professional competitive examinations. Their instructor-led PMP training course is augmented by a number of online resources for optimized training and an expansive learning environment. 

Additionally, GreyCampus offers an online self-learning program that starts at $300. Upon registration, access to a training material is offered for 30 days. With a 99.4% pass rate, GreyCampus is well versed with training candidates for the PMP examination. 

PM Training Program

Founded in 2004, PM training offers many training modules including PMP, CAPM, ACP, Scrum Master and ITIL. Their PMP training is offered in two modules; instructor-led live classes and self-learning. Once enrolled in the program, extensive study tools are offered with each class and a free membership to the PM Trainings practice exam system and 90 days of access to course material. 

The course cost is $348. If you are looking to participate in live classes available on the weekends and in the evenings, the course cost goes up to $1148.

Udemy Training Program

The Udemy training modules are offered at under $100 and can often be free of cost. While the organization does not authenticate courses’ professional values, they can equip individuals with enough knowledge and information to sit the examination. The course is self-paced with all material available online post-registration.

They offer a number of quizzes and exercises; however, there is no standardization of content across the course. 


Picking the right PMP course as a professional seems more complicated than it truly is. Assess the existing skill level and consider, what are the course values and objectives. If the two align, the course is likely the right fit to grow capabilities and thrive within any organization.