Top 15 NodeJS Development Companies in the world

NodeJS is a JavaScript runtime environment that runs on different platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Unix and much more). The open source server environment helps execute JavaScript code without a web browser. Worldwide, NodeJS is used to power and scale-up application development. Industry giants such as Netflix, Nasa, PayPal, and Trello use NodeJS.

With the increased popularity of this framework, there has been an increased number of vendors offering NodeJS development services. Choosing the best can be a challenge. However, this post lists some of the top NodeJS developers globally. The enlisted companies have been arrived at based on their industry experience, reviews on top industry review platforms, their reputation based on customer ratings and reviews, and their portfolio.

  1. Geomotive

Geomotive is a US-based software development company dedicated to delivering unique technology experiences for clients across industries. The company’s services include custom software development, Software testing and QA, web development, DevOps services, mobile development, and software product development. It is also focused on disruptive technologies such as Big data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

The company comprises a team of experienced NodeJS developers who are dedicated to offering enterprise-level software development, real-time app development, microservice development, and API development and integration services.

Geomotive ranks among the top in the industry globally, as evident from its industry expertise, technology proficiency, transparency in service delivery, and output quality.

2. Saigon Technology

Saigon Technologies is a Vietnam-based software development company. It specializes in providing an array of trusted services, which include custom software development, cloud migration, software product development, offshore software testing, web development, and mobile development.

The company comprises more than 180 software engineers with diverse talents and technical competencies. They focus on Microsoft Technologies, including NodeJS development, to create stellar software products that meet the highest efficiency and innovation thresholds.

Saigon Technology is an award-winning company with a worldwide client base. It brings a blend of experience, expertise, and professionalism to all projects.


Altoros labs has more than 20 years of experienced, it was founded back in 2001.The company has more than 350+ employees. The company is based in 4900 Hopyard Rd., Suite 100, Pleasanton, CA 94588. Its top clients includes list of companies like Toyota, Hitachi, Mom Trusted, NuoDB, Huawei, Denso, Siemens, Dealflo, LikeFolio, MittMedia Canonical.
AVG HOURLY RATE: $50 — $99 / hr

4. Future Mind

Future Mind is another top web development company with its headquarters in Poland. It was established in 2008 and specialized in providing reliable frontend and backend solutions. Its scope of services includes mobile development, digital transformation, web development, product design and IoT development.

Within its scope of NodeJS development services are internet and fintech solutions. Its portfolio comprises more than 60 mobile apps and 40 web applications, demonstrating its competencies.

At the core of Future Mind’s culture are trust, adherence to top security standards, and maintaining the highest quality standards. The more than 100 projects completed demonstrate these virtues.

The top client reviews and awards, and recognitions further demonstrate its distinguished position as a leading NodeJS development company globally.

5. Netguru

Netguru is a mobile, custom software and web development consultancy firm. It is headquartered in Poznan, Poland, and has a branch in London, United Kingdom. Its tenure in the industry spans more than a decade. Over this period, the company has expanded and now comprises a team of 600 professionals.

Netguru has completed more than 600 projects for clients across various domains. Some of the clients and brands it has worked with include IKE, Property Detective, atStats, Santander, and ZappiStore. The stellar services have also earned Netguru various industry awards, with the most notable being the 2014 to 2016 Deloitte Tech Fast 50 Central Europe Awards.

6. SmartSites

Brothers Michael and Alex Melen founded SmartSites in 2011. Since its inception, the company has worked for more than 500 clients and delivered more than 100 web development projects. Its team has also expanded to more than 80 designers and developers.

SmartSites’ holds a great position as an industry leader through its commitment to adhering to the highest quality standards. Being a certified Facebook Marketing Partner, Google Premier Partner, and Microsoft Advertising partner, SmartSites assures clients of its commitment to delivering maximum value to its clients.

With a portfolio that includes brands such as Rolls Royce, Proxy Key, A-Absolute, Poker Stars, and New Jersey Institute of Technology and an extensive portfolio of successful projects, SmartSites exhibits all the competencies of an ideal NodeJS development company to handle your next project.

7. Science Soft

Science Soft is a software consulting and development firm located in Texas, United States. It was established in 1989 and has since worked with hundreds of organizations across the world. Some of the notable brands the company has worked with include NASA JPL, Walmart, eBay, PerkinElmer, IMB, Leo Burnett, and Baxter.

Behind the company’s success is a team of highly skilled and talented professionals with expertise in applying Java, .Net, Python, PHP, C++, and Golang, among other technologies and frameworks. Its scope of services includes software development, software product development, testing and quality assurance, UX/UI design, IT outsourcing, and IT consulting. It also focuses on disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Mixed Reality.

Science Soft’s services cut across various domains. Its portfolio is rich with projects and testimonials of positive reviews from clients, which affirm its distinguished position as leading Node.JS development company globally.

8. Brainhub

Brainhub is a software engineering company based in Poland. It was established in 2014 and has since worked with organizations across the scale, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Some top clients include eBay, PayPal, Microsoft, Uber, and Netflix.

Within its team are NodeJS developers focused on helping clients solve real problems and transform their businesses with innovative NodeJS solutions. The company’s portfolio provides a good reference point. It features more than 60 NodeJS projects delivered by this team of developers, showcasing the quality of output and efficiency the company is committed to maintaining.

9. FATbit Technologies

FATbit Technologies boasts of high ratings on review sites like Clutch, GoodFirms, Trustpilot, and Desinrush. It also enjoys a rich client-base, including top brands such as Inc., Fox 40, HuffPost, Business Insider, Entrepreneur India, Yahoo Finance, The Indian Express, and The Daily Telegraph.

The company specializes in delivering mobile, web, and software development services to clients in various industry domains. Behind these stellar services is a team of over 120 passion-driven and proficient professionals, among them NodeJS developers. They have deep expertise and experience in applying the top technologies and frameworks to deliver stellar software solutions that address clients’ unique needs.

With industry experience spanning more than 15 years and deep expertise in leading technologies, Fatbit Technologies has all the attributes of an ideal partner for your NodeJS project.

10. Waverley Software

This a US-based software engineering firm with more than 28 years of experience in helping businesses translate their vision and ideas into stellar software products. The team boasts of extensive expertise in utilizing top technologies, Java, NodeJS, JavaScript, Swift, Objective-C, Angular, Python, .Net, etc.

The company’s scope of services includes software development, mobile development, UI/UX design and development, cloud solutions, and DevOps services, and much more.

Waverly Software has distinguished itself as a leading software engineering company and pacesetter globally with a wealth of experience in the industry and expertise spanning across top technologies and frameworks in top industry domains.  

11. Magneto IT Solutions

Magneto IT Solutions is a leading company providing web development solutions for organizations of various scales. It has extensive experience in diverse services like NodeJS development, Laravel development, PHP development, Yii, AngularJS development, and WordPress development, among others.

Since its inception, the company has worked with more than 650 clients across more than 20 countries. It has also completed more than 1800 projects to full client satisfaction. This impressive feat is attributable to the company’s team of over 70 certified professionals with expertise and experience applying various technologies and frameworks in projects with varying requirements.

Magneto IT Solutions has distinguished itself as a trusted provider of high-quality web, mobile, eCommerce, and Magento development services.

12. Techtic Solutions

Techtic Solution is a US-based IT firm headquartered in New York. It focuses on offering an array of services, including mobile development, web development, and eCommerce design and development.

The company has extensive experience in the industry. For more than 10 years since its inception, the company has completed more than 3300 projects for hundreds of businesses and organizations globally. Behind this feat is a team of over 50 engineers with diverse expertise in various technologies. Among the team’s top competencies are NodeJS, ExpressJS, WordPress, Swift, Flitter, Magento, etc.

Techtic Solutions has worked with over 500 clients across all the United States, Australia, Canada, the United States, and Africa. With high client satisfaction rates, high-quality standards, and timely delivery of services, it distinguishes itself as the ideal partner for your next project.

13. Datarockets

Datarockets is a web and mobile development firm based in Canada and Belarus. It was established in 2014 and specializes in delivering custom software solutions to clients, including IoT solutions, SaaS applications, booking applications, administrative systems, etc. Its scope of services includes consulting and product management, web app development, mobile application development, application support, and security and code review, among others.

Its portfolio includes clients such as Wargaming, HolacracyOne, Nike Inc, and American Estate and Trust. Its services are tailored mainly for startups and tech companies. Its team of experts and developers is competent in the application of Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, ReactJS, VueJS, React Native, Swift, Kotln, GraphQL, ElasticSearch, and Docker.

Datarockets has distinguished itself as an industry leader, having completed more than 32 projects to full client satisfaction. Further, it has received various awards and industry recognition for its stellar services. Its team of 18 engineers is ready to bring its wealth of expertise to your project.

14. Classic Informatics

This is a global web development company focused on delivering web solutions. It primarily uses NodeJS for its backend development. The company’s services are tailored mainly for startups, small and medium-sized businesses, and enterprises.

Since its inception in 2000, the company has delivered solutions for organizations in the healthcare, eCommerce, government, travel, and fintech domains. Some of the key clients it has worked with include Veracode, InterDent, Fidelity National Financial, Queens Park Rangers FC, 360 Knee Systems, and Crane Co.

The company’s scope of services includes digital enablement, product engineering, UX/UI development, full-stack development, mobility solutions, eCommerce development, and cloud solutions. Its team of professionals has expertise in .Net, Java, PHP, NodeJS, React, Angular, and with disruptive technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence.

15. Ksolves

Koslves is a software engineering company based in India and with offices in Mozambique and the United States. It was founded in 2012 and ranks among the top providers of nodeJS development services.

The company has distinguished itself and climbed ranks among NodeJS development companies for its high-quality, fully customizable web development services. Through its 8-year tenure, it has completed over 550 projects for over 500 clients globally. Its 95% client retention rate further demonstrated its distinguished position as a trusted digital solutions provider committed to full client satisfaction.

Ksolves’ services include NodeJS development, ReactJS development, API integration, Ruby on Rails Development, salesforce development, Artificial Intelligence, cross-platform app development, Machine Learning, and mobile application development.


NodeJS is one of the “must-have” tools for web development. Hopefully, the companies highlighted here will help you identify the right fit for your project. Nonetheless, it is important to consider the technical competencies, industry experience, and cost of services when searching for an ideal partner.