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Top 5 Online Chess Stores, Rendering Exclusive Chess Sets

The prestigious chess game has its roots dating back to the 6th century, which means around 1500 years ago. Yes, that is how old this game is and still continues to maintain its elite class. Very few of us would be aware of the fact that Chess was discovered somewhere in Northern India. After that, the game gained popularity in the Persian Empire. Well, there is so much to whip out about the history of chess; however, we know you are looking for the best online chess store, so let’s plunge into that.

If you are a big-time admirer of this game or just love collecting elegant and luxury chess sets, this brief guide will lead you to the best chess stores. We have compiled a list of the 5 reputed chess stores where you can get amazing chess sets that you would not want to miss out on from your collection. 

1- Royal Chess Mall

Royal Chess Mall could be your first choice for a chess online shop if you are looking for a colossal variety of chess boards, chess sets, and chess pieces. It is one of the leading brands in the chess manufacturing industry, with an omnichannel presence. The firm has marked its reputation as one of the most respected and ever-evolving chess makers. Known for their excellent adherence to quality and customer service. Browse through their large and comprehensive selection of Staunton chess sets is a treat to the eyes. They offer a wide range of intriguing luxury chess & pieces, reproductions of historical chess sets, and chess boards

in wood, marble, camel bone, and metal chess sets. Royal Chess Mall is classified as one of the online chess shops whose chess sets are worth spending money on. The chess shop has been in business for over 8 years now and is triumphing in the market with its new designs, exceptional quality, and unmatched service. They have distribution offices in the USA and India, catering chess sets to their clients worldwide.

2- The Chess Store

This online platform offers a fine range of chess sets and pieces curated from different parts of the world. The online chess store specializes in high-end designs. They have a beautiful website and user-friendly interface; however, complaints about slow service have also been often registered. Chess Store is categorized amongst the sellers, catering to more expensive variants of chess. They supply their chess products straight from their office in the US. The store came into action in 1999, and it specializes in Staunton chess sets and produces other ranges of chess products.  

3- Chess House

This USA-based chess shop caters to almost all manufacturing and delivery of items related to chess. They have stocked up products that range from the cheapest to the highest. The store is a fine seller of Chess sets that had their inception from a mail-order shop in Kansas City. Today, it ranks among the top chess stores in the world. Additionally, you will find Chess House the best place to buy chess sets online if you are looking for less traditional chess sets. From luxury chess sets to economic chess sets, explore their website to grab the desired chess game.

4- House of Staunton 

Well, this is one of the oldest and most reputed chess online shops, primarily based in the USA. Additionally, it is one of the most recognised brands in the world of chess. They have a very wide distribution channel, and their collection usually varies from a silicon chess pad to a unique mammoth ivory chess set. House of Staunton has become a legacy brand that still continues to dominate the market; however, it is in cut-throat competition with some other sellers on the list.

They have a distribution office in the USA. Experts often entitle their chess products to the “Gold Standard.” House of Staunton’s wide variety of products includes wooden chess sets, chess pieces, chess clocks, chess tables, chess boards, chess software, chess books, and more.

5- Chess Bazaar

Chess Bazaar caters for their products retailed from their India office throughout the world. One of the marketplaces where you can find chess pieces catering from the lower to medium spectrum. However, they also have a distinguished section for higher-end chess pieces also. The online chess store is exceptionally known for its excellent prices and a huge variety of wooden chess

sets. They also have an extensive variety of reproduced chess sets. Overall, the quality they offer is generally high, with occasional complaints here and there.

So, you can find your ideal chess sets at these chess stores if you cannot find one in physical stores. Enhance your chess collection or boost your home decor goals with the finest chess set you will ever get in your nearby marketplace. 



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