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Top 5 Zombies in The Last of Us

According to ExpressVPN, the highly anticipated TV series “The Last of Us,” which premiered on HBO on January 15, 2023, is set to be filled with a variety of zombie creatures, each with its unique characteristics and design. 

Based on the 2013 Naughty Dog video game, the show stars Pedro Pascal of “The Mandalorian” fame as Joel and Bella Ramsey of “Game of Thrones” as Ellie. “The Last of Us” is a post-apocalyptic story set in a world devastated by a Cordyceps fungal infection that has turned most of the population into zombies, referred to as “the Infected.” This fungal virus infects the brain after two days and transforms the host into various stages of zombie-like creatures.

While there is no official word on which zombies will appear in the TV series, the nature of the Cordyceps infection can give us an idea of what monsters we can expect to see. The Cordyceps zombies grow in stages, from those that look comparatively human to those completely engulfed by the fungus and barely resembling the original host. This blog post will discuss the top five zombies in “The Last of Us” that viewers can expect to see in the show.


The first stage of Cordyceps infection results in the creation of “Runners.” These zombies lose their hair and develop lesions all over their bodies, and their eyes are the first to go, leading to zombies with poor eyesight but heightened senses. Runners are fast and aggressive and may appear in the show if the series starts at the beginning of the outbreak.


The second stage of the Cordyceps infection results in the creation of “Stalkers.” These zombies are half-human and half-fungal, with a large fungal infection growing from their heads. Stalkers are fast and aggressive and plan their attacks, hiding until their prey gets close before ambushing them. Because this stage has been active for a long time, viewers can expect to see some Stalkers in the show.


The third stage of the Cordyceps infection results in the creation of “Clickers.” These zombies are barely recognizable as humans, with their heads completely engulfed by the fungus. Clickers use echolocation to navigate and find prey and are blind, making them a dangerous threat to Joel and Ellie. The clicking noise that Clickers make is one of the signature sounds of the franchise, and viewers can expect to see them in the show.


The fourth stage of the Cordyceps infection results in the creation of “Bloaters.” These hulking creatures are in the most dangerous stage of the Infected and are completely covered in the Cordyceps fungus, making them difficult to penetrate without fire. Bloaters are slow but superhumanly strong and are the “big bad” of the franchise. While they may not frequently appear in the series, they could appear in an end-of-season arc.


If a zombie in “The Last of Us” survives long enough in a wet environment, it becomes a “Shambler.” These zombies appear similar to Bloaters but release explosive bursts of fragments from their acidic pustules instead of biting. The trailers for “The Last of Us” show a snowy setting, which may be too dry for Shamblers to develop, but they could still appear if the series takes place in a different environment.

Bonus Zombie: The Rat King

As a bonus zombie, the Rat King, an evolved zombie monstrosity, will be one of the show’s most dangerous challenges Joel and Ellie face. Presenting a unique world and story for those unfamiliar with the video game will be key for the showrunners. They’ll need to explain the Infected carefully, starting with the basics before slowly introducing more complex characters like The Rat King. Fans can expect suspenseful and thrilling scenes in this post-apocalyptic world filled with zombie dangers.

Will you watch The Last of Us?

If you’re a fan of post-apocalyptic drama or can’t get enough zombie-filled adventures, you won’t miss the highly anticipated Last of Us HBO series. Based on the beloved video game, this series takes place in a world where the Cordyceps fungal infection has devastated the United States and turned most of the population into terrifying zombies.

Join Joel and Ellie as they navigate this dangerous new world, facing off against a diverse array of Cordyceps-infected zombies, including runners, stalkers, clickers, bloaters, shamblers, and the rat king. With its suspenseful and thrilling scenes, The Last of Us HBO series will surely keep you on the edge of your seat.

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