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Top 6 Fun Regional Keyboards App

What an irony, the virus outburst is bringing the world digitally together and, at the same time, keeping everyone physically apart.


The global pandemic has super activated digital tools, and as we all would rightly agree digital messaging apps are the major contributors to it. 


Who wouldn’t love texting in our very own regional language?


Admittedly being an Indian myself, I can say that our culture and lifestyle are firmly entwined with rich history and religion. As a proud Indian citizen, we believe in upholding the heritage and our language.


Being home to the dialect of languages, due to its cultural and geographical diversity, India can be aptly described as “mother of many languages”. With the world heading towards a Digi-connected future, more than half of India’s 1.3 billion citizens still stumble using the Internet as it lacks proper content localization. Likewise, Technology giant Google too emphasized the importance of the “3Vs driving India’s internet universe” – voice, video, and vernacular, in a previously held Google for India conference. And did announce a $10-billion India Digitisation Fund to promote local language computing in the country. 


Going by Google’s mantra, regional language plays a vital role in bringing more people online for the first time and helps communication work for more Indians.


But how do you achieve this?


Yes, I am sure you guessed it right, using virtual regional keyboard apps.


Forward-looking the future, which would you say is more likely–that in the country as a whole we’ll have continuous good times during the next five years or so, or that we will have periods of widespread unemployment or lack of physical contact with friends and families?


Well, now that the future of communication is uncertain – we’ll continue to rely on the messaging apps to be there when we physically can’t. All this alludes to why millennial have adopted the texting way of communication.


Besides, these regional keyboards are more of a compliment to the messaging apps.


Let’s look at some super cool fun ways of texting in your regional language.

Malayalam Keyboard and Stickers – “Adipoli” App


Playstore rating: 4.6


Malayalam Keyboard will surely remind many of you of your salad days. Many of you Malayali’s might have it already installed on your phone. The app adapts to your unique style to express your emotions and reactions. It gives you a stable and candid typing experience, either by transliterating English to Malayalam or converting your text into Malayalam by typing in the Malayalam (Manglish) keyboard. The built-in emoji keyboard has a broad category of emojis. It even learns your favorite emoji and texts, predicts accurately, so you can always send your friends the right responses. To put it nicely makes typing way more fun in Malayalam. Download Malayalam keyboard from Google Play Store!


Marathi Keyboard with Marathi Stickers – “Jhakass” App


Playstore rating: 4.8


Marathi Keyboard keeps the ball rolling for all the Marathi native speakers. This app is attuned, especially for all you Marathi speaking people out there. It has one of the best input tools that convert your text into Marathi by either typing in Marathi keyboard or transliterating English to Marathi typing. Along with that, the app comes with reviving themes, tons of emojis, customized stickers & stories, enhanced swiping gestures, and highly personalized layouts. You can create realistic stickers of yourself and your friends, with the cartoon headshot with just a selfie or a photo.


Bangla Keyboard with Bangla Stickers “Fatafati” App


Playstore rating: 4.7


Bangla native speakers will surely be smitten with love for this Bangla keyboard. The app gives you an intriguing Bangla typing experience. Allows you to decor your android keyboard using attractive, innovative themes and personalizing your keypad by allowing you to set background photos of your pick. They offer more than just the usual typing experience and let you design a realistic self-portrait that visually expresses a feeling or mood using your favorite selfie.


Telugu Keyboard – “Chala Manchi” App


Playstore rating: 4.5


Telugu Keyboard is another well-known phonetic Telugu transliteration keyboard app exclusively for Telugu speaking people. The Keyboard makes it too easy for all the Telugu users by letting you write in English to Telugu and switch Telugu to English at once. Designed exclusively for Android and Tablet users. The app offers beautiful Telugu themes and a GIF keyboard that lets you send good morning messages, funny animations, etc. 


Kannada Keyboard – “Sakkath” App


Playstore rating: 4.5


Another neat keyboard to let your heart rule your head. Every Kannadiga will love this app as it assists you flawlessly in writing in your native Kannada language. The Kannada Keyboard is English to Kannada transliteration keyboard app that executes typing Kannada faster than ever before. Switching from English to Kannada and Kannada to English is just a single click away. Let’s enjoy Kannada’s touch while posting on social media, or even sharing messages. 


Tamil Keyboard – “Semma” App


Playstore rating: 4.6


Though a Tamilian, I can barely write and read Tamil. So, if you are like me, then bang on, this is the right app for you. With English to Tamil transliteration feature, the Tamil keyboard app makes typing Tamil faster than ever before. Saves a whole lot of time compared to handwriting input or other Indic Tamil input tools. The app also supports Thanglish keyboard to make your chat more fun with your friends and family. 


It sounds more like an “Old wine in a new bottle right”, it’s your own regional language but in a completely fresh style.


Having said that, your search for easy and fun regional typing ends here.


Happy Regional Typing!




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