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Top Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform | Cryptology Review

Photo by Worldspectrum from Pexels

Photo by Worldspectrum from Pexels

Best Exchange to Buy Cryptos

Nowadays, a lot of people are interested in crypto trading as it’s one of the most promising fields. However, it’s quite complicated to quickly get into all the details of such an activity largely due to badly designed exchange platforms. Beginners just don’t understand how to start properly and what to do. In this way, the Cryptology service is the best choice for both newbies and experienced traders! Reading this article, you will find out the benefits of BTC futures trading services and the main functions provided by the platform.

Features Making Cryptology Great

Compared with numerous other similar services, Cryptology has many undeniable advantages making it one of the leading platforms on the modern market. Among them are such points as:

  • Convenience. The platform is designed quite simply which makes it intuitively understandable. The simplicity saves your time and makes exchange easy.
  • Low fees. When the majority of exchange platforms provide big fees for almost any offer, Cryptology has quite affordable fees.
  • Worldwide availability. The service is available in the majority of countries around the globe. It’s a classic issue when a customer completes the time-taking registration and verification process to eventually realize that a service isn’t available in their country. Nevertheless, you will likely avoid it using Cryptology.
  • The leverage service. The platform provides leverage that can considerably increase your funds.
  • Provided pairs. Cryptology doesn’t feature multiple currencies. Nevertheless, it provides the most successful and popular ones for today. It helps to concentrate on the most profitable markets and get more profit.
  • Simple payout process. It’s extremely easy and quick to draw out funds using the platform.

Futures Trading Without Fees

One of the greatest features of Cryptology is that this BTC futures platform is fee-free. Furthermore, the platform provides a great promotional offer for newly registered clients. Making the first replenishment on the sum of $100, a client gets it two times bigger. Besides, there is the leverage that may increase these funds 100x.

Cryptology Earn – Fresh Passive Income Feature

Recently, the platform established Cryptology Earn, a new passive income feature. Using such a service, a customer may earn interest on cryptocurrencies and even stablecoins without any effort. The required methods for payment are bank cards. The platforms allow a customer to draw out and reinvest the earnings.

The amount of income depends on the chosen currency. In this way, if some stablecoins can bring 15% for a year, such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin will bring only 8%. Among the greatest benefits of the service is that all the payments require no taxes.

How to Register

The platform provides a simple and not time taking sign-in process. A customer needs to fill in their full name, provide their email, create a password, and accept the conditions of the platform. Besides, it’s possible to log in to the service using the Google account.

Registering, you may choose which type of account you want to create. The list includes such types as:

  • Global account. This option provides a possibility to make fiat and cryptocurrency payments using wire transfers and bank cards.
  • Trading account. This option provides a possibility to make fiat and cryptocurrency deposits. However, only cryptocurrencies are available for payout.

Among the allowed bank cards for customers from European Union are Visa and Mastercard. Nevertheless, Global accounts can draw out using wire transfer only.

Verification Process

When the account is created, a client needs to verify it. The process takes two steps including:

  • Providing a document confirming your identity. It could be a passport, national ID, or any other similar document. Besides, a customer needs to take a photo with this document. After completing this stage, the account will have a $10,000 limit.
  • Confirming your address. After that, your account will be limitless.

Available Trading Platforms

The service provides Spot Exchange and Futures trading platforms. The site and services are designed most conveniently and clearly.

  • The exchange platform includes all the information about orders, previous trades, and a TradingView chart. Using this function, you can intuitively make sales and purchases using an order form.
  • The futures platform is almost the same as the previous one except it is provided with the leverage option.

Payment Fees

Cryptology provides pretty friendly fees of 0.002 for those who sell and buy crypto. However, taxes may depend on the value of a trade just like at any other similar service.

Trading with fiat, there is a 2.65% tax for a top-up of a minimum of $25 (RUB 1,000, €20) via bank cards.

Nevertheless, taxes may vary according to the client’s country and provided ways of payment for them. For instance, Brazilian clients have from 1.7% to 3.6% tax for a minimum of $1 replenishment.

Making EUR SEPA deposits, a customer has a 0.45% tax for a minimum €1 replenishment. Clients who passed two stages of verification can use wire transfers for making payments. In this case, they won’t have any taxes for a minimum $25 (€25) replenishment.

Having an Institutional and SEPA account, a client can draw out fiat funds followed by a €7 tax for a minimum €50 payment.

Cryptology Is Available Worldwide

Cryptology is available in the majority of countries, just like you would expect from the best place to buy crypto. 

The services for the platform are not available only in the USA and Japan yet. While Binance is going to stop providing its services for such countries as Italy, Holland, and Germany, Cryptology is ready to keep working worldwide including these countries as well.

The platform offers a lot of pairs for futures and spot exchange trading. Moreover, the service provides fiat trading with such currencies as USD, RUB, and EUR.

Benefits of the Service 

The platform is full of benefits that make it such a successful service in the crypto trading field. The list of advantages includes:

  • Excellent and fast Customer Support Service.
  • A profitable bonus for new clients providing them an extra $100 for the first $100 replenishment.
  • From the 3rd August till 30th September there are no taxes on Futures trading.
  • Clients may use up to 100x leverage if they choose Futures trading.

Drawbacks of the Service

There are only several disadvantages of the platform. They include:

  • The absence of margin trading on the spot exchange.
  • Customers can cash out fiat if they have a trading account.

Nevertheless, the advantages of Cryptology are much more significant and prevailing making the platform one of the best options on the modern market.



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