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Top Free learning resources on Python

The era of Java, C and C++ are gone. Today, Programmers have found a new love in the form of Python. It has become the most popular programming language. The language is easy to learn. Its sophisticated syntax and powerful typing combined with Python’s integrated nature makes it an ideal language for scripting and rapid application development on most of the platforms.

Web development, Automation, Data Science, Machine learning, etc. are just a few of several domains that use Python. The rise of data science and Machine language is rapid and yes, they both heavily rely on Python.

Over the past few years, the elementary aspect of Python has made it the go-to language in every corner of the Globe, especially for the lucrative jobs in Data Science and Machine Learning in the developed countries like the UK, USA, and Germany.

free learning resources python

Below are the top free learning resources available in Python which will help to master this elegant language-

1. Programming with Python: Hands-On Introduction for Beginners

  • Introduction – This course is specially designed for beginners who have been looking to obtain a hands-on learning experience with Python.

    This course promises to teach you concepts of programming right from the basics. So, if you’re a beginner and has never coded before but if looking for a way to start, this is the right destination for you.
  • Features –
  1. 5 hours of Video
  2. 1 article
  3. 50 downloadable resources
  • Duration – Short course with 35 lectures, 1 month needed at an idle pace of 5 hrs/week.
  • Level – Beginner
  • Mentor – Febin George, a software engineer with a passion for teaching. He has more than 3 years of professional experience as a software developer with his primary expertise being Python programming.
  • Ratings – 4.3/5 with 5950 ratings.
  • Requirements – No previous knowledge required. Perfect course for those who want to begin their programming journey in Python.
  • Benefits of Programming with Python –
  1. Build a solid base by understanding the fundamentals of programming.
  2. Master Python from scratch by learning the basics.
  3. Learn how to write independent programs in Python on your own.
  4. Receive a certificate after completion of the course.
  • Destination – This course is available in Udemy.
  • Review –

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, best parts: a short and crisp, in-depth explanation with real-world explanation and precise problems to solve with reviews at the end of each section. As a beginner in python, this course has helped me get an idea about the programming language. Looking forward to more of his courses. Definitely will recommend this course to a friend who is interested in learning python from scratch. Great job George!”

2. Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python) 

  • Introduction –This course is offered by the University of Michigan

    This course is designed to introduce the basics of programming to everyone using Python. Starting from the basics of how one constructs a program from a series of simple instructions in Python.

With no pre-requisites and basic mathematics, it’s the right course to begin your Python journey with. This course covers Python 3.

  • Feature – Can be upgraded to the Pro Version which includes a certificate.
  • Cost – ₹. 3495.17 or $49 USD.
  • Duration – 7 weeks with an idle pace of 2-4 hrs of study per week.
  • Level – Beginner
  • Mentor – Charles Severance, a Professor in the School of Information, The University of Michigan.
  • Requirements – No previous knowledge required.
  • Benefits of Programming for Everybody –You will learn about –
  1. What is a program?
  2. Using variables in programs
  3. Conditional execution (if statements)
  4. Repeated execution / looping (for statements)
  5. Functions and code reuse
  • Destination – This course is available in EdX.

 3. Introduction to Programming with Python

  • Introduction – This course is offered by Microsoft Virtual Academy.

Specially designed for learners who are excited to explore Programming through Python. The expert instructors will offer a step-by-step walk-through, from a basic idea to translate that idea into code, and everything in between. The best part is probably that they don’t stop the learners from making mistakes but watch it as a way to build oneself.

Using the advantages of Python, which has an easy learning curve, uses simple syntax, and is a very forgiving language, the instructors prepare you to be programmers once the course is done.

  • Features –
  1. Eleven hours of Videos
  2. Fourteen Modules
  3. Fourteen assessment
  • Duration – 8 weeks with a study pace of 3-4 hours per week.
  • Level – Beginner
  • Mentor – Taught by the expert Microsoft duo,
  1. Susan Ibach – Microsoft Canada Technical Evangelist
  2. Christopher Harrison -Microsoft Content Development Manager
  • Ratings – 5/5 with 804 ratings.
  • Requirements – No previous knowledge required in Python.
  • Benefits of Introduction to Programming with Python
  1. Gain a basic understanding of Programming through Python.
  2. The basics will make it easier to learn other languages in the future.
  3. Master Python from the starch by understanding the roots.
  4. By the end of the course, you will be programming in Python.


  • Destination – This course is available in Microsoft Virtual Academy.

4. Programming Foundation with Python

  • Introduction – Learn Programming through Object Oriented Programming. This Technique will allow you to reuse and share code easily. This program is designed to make sure that the learner will have a fun time learning Programming with Python. There are mini projects which will help the learner to understand as well as enjoy the curriculum.
  • Features –
  1. Interactive Quizzes
  2. Self-Paced Learning
  3. Student Support Community 
  • Duration – 6 weeks with a study pace of 4-5 hrs per week. 
  • Level – Beginner
  • Mentor – Kunal Chawla
  • Requirements – A little basic knowledge is preferred. The basics of C language. But it’s not an issue if one is a fresh learner since all this will be covered in the course.
  • Benefits of Programming Foundation with Python
  1. Start coding in the programming language Python
  2. Reuse and share code with Object-Oriented Programming
  3. Create and share amazing, life-hacking projects.
  • Destination – This course is available in Udacity

free learning resources python

That concludes the first article on the top learning recourses on Python for free. Stay tuned as the next article on the Python series will contain more such resources which will help you boost your programming abilities.