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Top tips to increase your Instagram followers for free

Instagram is a social networking platform where people share their photos and videos to connect with their friends and families. These days, social networking platforms such as Instagram have multiple usages like many people use it to expand their business, get famous, or provide inspired, motivated, funny content regardless of whether the person is a singer, actor, or ordinary person. Moreover, business people also use Instagram to start their business online by creating a business profile on Instagram, and they are also provided with several advanced features for a business profile like insight, traffic data, and many more.

However, the demand for boosting free instagram followers is climbing day-by-day. Using a shortcut trick, such as using bots or buying followers, will not last long, as they might increase your follower for a short time, but in the long run, they won’t benefit you. Only real people interested in your content and care about your product are valuable instagram followers. A false strategy might boost your followers to satisfy your ego, but it will not help you with your instagram content strategy. Some of the top tips to increase your instagram followers for free are discussed below.


  • Analyze your audience

The first thing you have to do is analyze your target audience, whether your content is for youth or adult or senior people, or where they live? Or what work they do? Or for what purposes they use Instagram?. Knowing all that will you help you to create genuine content that will reach a vast number of audience and if they like your content, then people will defiantly give a follow. Moreover, remember that you have to deliver content daily to keep them following you for a long time.


  • Use a hashtag to reach new users

It is difficult for the new audience to find you as your posts are not searchable in an Instagram search. With the help of relevant hashtag, it can help the users find your content easily after a search as Instagram allows posts with hashtags, so your content may also appear in feeds of other people who even not followed you yet. Using thoughtful hashtags is an excellent way to get free instagram followers, Although, instagram allows only 30 hashtags that can be added in an instagram post. It is suggested you should use that hashtag, which has higher quality content, not quantity. To find these types of hashtags, you have to experiment with plenty of hashtags and see which is more effective and best for your Instagram post.


  • Write an informative bio and profile

Most of the Instagram profile visitors are from non-follower. As the all-new potential free instagram followers will only click the follow button when you give them enough information about you and your work/business. They will not follow you unless you do not make your bio and profile more appealing to the users. The 150 characters in the bio will be enough for you to explain your brand or profile to the potential users, and that will tell the users that your content is worth seeing.


  • Share high-quality content

Sharing high-quality content is a crucial point to consider when thinking about getting free instagram followers. Every post needs to be visually engaging and requiring high-quality content. Whenever new users open your profile, the content in your profile should encourage them to look more of your content and make them follow you to see more quality content from you. Moreover, the best content encourages all the users to comment, like, and share your post and reach more followers.


  • Write captivating captions

No doubt, Instagram is more famous for visual content, but a compelling caption plays an essential part in engaging the audience with the post related information or storytelling and help to attract more audience. Although Instagram provides you with a feature to write your caption upto 2200 words, you can write a storytelling caption or ultra-small caption that can be effective, when your post says a lot. You can write a captivating caption by asking a question or using an emoji to express or trying various lengths of captions.


  • Foster your Instagram account on other social networks

One of the easiest ways to boost your free instagram followers by making it easier for the people to find you on instagram. If you have built your account on other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or any other social network, let those people know about your Instagram account. Moreover, if you just started your Instagram account before promoting your profile somewhere else, make sure you post your content on your Instagram account. Hence, your profile can be easily discovered.


  • Tag users

Instagram provides this feature to tag someone who appears in the post or someone who taught you something or your customers/suppliers or business colleagues or friends or family members. By tagging, the particular user will send the notification to the tagged person and make them engage more with your post, or they might re-share post on their story or post. Whoever sees their post, they will click on the post and will be redirected to your account. In that way, it will bring more traffic to your Instagram profile, and hence by seeing your featured content, they might hit the follow button.


  • Make use of Instagram nametag

This feature of instagram allows the users to follow you instantly by scanning your nametag. In this way, it offers you the promotion of your Instagram profile even in offline communication such as signage, packing slips, and product packaging, as nametag is an effective and easy way to promote your account and get free instagram followers quickly. Worthy Reading: Buy Instagram Followers Without Getting Yourself Banned – Influencive.


The top tips you need to consider to increase your follower on your instagram profile for free are mentioned above. Moreover, If you deliver quality content with several contests on different days will keep the followers for a more extended period.



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