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Toyota offers to buy back its bZ4X electric SUV from customers

Toyota is offering to buy back its bZ4X electric SUV crossovers from the customers. In the recall in June, it was known that the vehicle has loose hub bolts on the wheel. It means the parts could detach while driving. The recall came just two months after releasing the vehicle on the market.

2023 Toyota bZ4x EV recall make-goods include buyback

Image credits- Automotive News

Initially, as the recall came, it was notified to the owners that they do not drive the vehicle. The customers had to notify the local dealer to get car pickup services so that they can be fixed. In return, the company provided a free loaner car if required.

However, recently Electrek revealed that they received a letter, saying that Toyota is also offering its customers, to buy back the vehicle at $42,000. Also the automaker is adding in some extra freebies in exchange for the recall inconveniences. Like the $5,000 credit, an extended warranty and free EV charging in EVgo-owned charging stations till 2024 end. Toyota said in a statement, “We know that our customers have many choices when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. We appreciate their loyalty and are supporting them through this recall.” Further added, “However, if a customer does not want to proceed with the provided options, we will offer to repurchase their bZ4X.”


Neither its letter nor statement offer any additional context about when the issue will be fixed. The recall affects about 2,700 vehicles, but it’s unclear how many of these have actually been delivered. The Subaru Solterra, which is built on the same platform, is also affected by the recall.

The buyback gives them a chance to purchase another vehicle rather than wait indefinitely for a fix. But auto industry supply shortages could leave them either waiting months for a replacement or settling for a less-than-ideal alternative.  The automaker said it is asking any customers with “unique circumstances” to contact its customer service team at 800-331-4331.

This is the first major customer satisfaction effort undertaken by Toyota Motor North America since Jack Hollis succeeded Bob Carter as the automaker’s head of sales. A spokesman confirmed that Hollis was involved in developing the make-goods for impacted customers. Despite being a long-standing giant in the automotive game, Toyota is a rather late entrant in the EV arena. Announced in early 2021, the bZ4X, the first in Toyota’s ‘bZ’ (beyond Zero) series of battery EVs, is touted to be its flagship EV offering in the crossover SUV segment.



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