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Trace Network Labs & Technopak Team Up to Bring the Global Fashion & Lifestyle Spaces into the Metaverse
Trace Network Labs partners with Technopak to create one of the world’s largest Web3 alliances for the global fashion and lifestyle space.

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Trace Network Labs, a decentralized protocol enabling lifestyle for any multichain metaverse, and Technopak Advisors, an Indian management consulting firm, have now joined forces.

Through this exciting new partnership, the two companies will create one of the largest Web3 alliances for the global fashion and lifestyle space. This alliance will bring metaverse capabilities to the targeted spaces, introducing them into the virtual world and birthing new opportunities with digital fashion for the metaverse and building experience shopping culture, which shall also fulfill the physical products shipping in real world. 

Technopak has experience in numerous industries, has a keen understanding of the ever-expanding landscape of challenges and the opportunities that come with them. 

Trace looks forward to the results that will emerge from this partnership, as well as to the opportunity to create a synergy with Technopak, providing fashion brands with the best of capabilities and capacities in the metaverse.

Sunil Arora, Co-Founder of Trace Network Labs, spoke on the partnership: “We are very excited to partner with Technopak in bringing greater synergies between the fashion and lifestyle businesses worldwide and the concept of metaverse. We aim to work together in enhancing global Web3 integrations in this space and unleash the power of the metaverse and experiential commerce for them.”

The team at Technopak Advisors also spoke on the partnership: “We are happy to partner with Trace Network on our global mission to equip and enable our fashion and lifestyle clients for the future. The prospect of being in the metaverse brings with itself new and exciting opportunities. We will work with Trace to aid fashion and lifestyle brands in their quest to leverage Metaverse and its vast potential.”

The Goals of the Alliance

The ambitious partnership aims to drastically shake up the global fashion and lifestyle spaces. Here is a closer look at the Web3 alliance’s goals:  

  • Empowering brands to leverage the metaverse and its potential to ramp up business scale and incubate innovation.
  • Tailoring and integrating long-term business imperatives and objectives in collaboration with global fashion and lifestyle brands.
  • Keeping enterprise up to date in the constantly-evolving Web3 tech world and offering futuristic platforms for the Digital Fashion and Apparel space.
  • Assisting enterprises in finding and creating new opportunities using metaverse technologies by creating, selling, and distributing new wearable NFTs for metaverse avatars.  
  • Expanding the footprint of metaverses for brands and expediting their business prospects through tech-aided innovation.
  • Helping brands create a more immersive virtual brand experience to improve their customers’ relationship with the brand, all through the use of the metaverse. 
  • Mimicking physical brand experiences in the metaverse and creating a new avenue for customers to purchase products, which eventually would be shipped to customers with integrated brand ecommerce applications.
  • Aiding brands in executing the merchandising of assets and generating new, parallel streams of revenue over new mediums, including Web3 and the metaverse. 
  • Introducing and assisting in the creation and participation of digital twins, personas, and identities on the future of commerce. 

About Technopak

Technopak Advisors has nearly 30 years of experience in Indian sub-continent focus and working with organizations across retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, and services. Technopak is a team of strategic advisors to global businesses, with expertise in finding and expanding value opportunities, creating solutions for vital issues, and assisting in the design of robust and high growth business models. 

The consulting conglomerate has provided their services to numerous big name brands, including: Reliance Brands, Aditya Birla Fashion Ltd, Arvind Brands, Best Seller Brands, Bata, Manyavar, Blackberry, Woodlands, Forever New, Calvin Klien, Celio, Mufti, and many other companies in the fashion industry.

About Trace Network Labs

Trace Network Labs’ decentralized protocol is enabling the next era of luxury lifestyle for metaverses powered by NFTs and digital fashion. On top of enabling lifestyle for any multichain metaverse, the project has also created its own digital asset, the $TRACE token. Trace also deals in NFTs, collectively bringing together every prominent sector of the space into its comprehensive ecosystem.