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Tesla Optimus prototype expected to be ready by Sept 30: The New AI Day date

Tesla AI Day is being pushed to September 30th this year, from the earlier set date of August 19th. Elon Musk announced it by stating that by then the Optimus prototype will be working. It is the humanoid robot that Tesla has been working on for almost a year and will be showcased during the event.

Elon Musk says Tesla AI Day pushed to Sept 30

Image credits- Elon Musk Interviews

So far there was no confirmation on whether there is a prototype. Musk did state in a reply last month that an AI bot will be showcased. However, it was not confirmed till now that the prototype will be there, the one that Tesla has been developing. Last year, it was said that the humanoid bot could be launched by next year. Which is rather a short time for advanced robotic technology development and other testing processes.

This year in January, Musk said, “Optimus could eventually address global shortages of labor, and in the short term might be able to carry items around a factory,” The event is going to be Tesla’s second AI event, while the first was on August 19th, 2021. Last year it was about attracting talent to join the Tesla team, those who are in AI/software/chip industries. While the event is conducted for that reason, many exciting announcements and details are known on that day.

Epic day

Furthermore, Musk said in one of the replies that the AI Day 2 will be epic. Where nothing less is expected as the prototype is to be showcased. It is possible that the applications and the potential of these bots are revealed as the team is working on various aspects.

While the main reason behind Tesla’s focus on AI is to push its autonomous driving technology. It is more like, Tesla Bot came out as an application while the automaker was working on a Supercomputer for advanced autonomous driving developments. With Dojo being one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world. It would be a waste to not work on an advanced AI technology like building a humanoid AI robot. Updates on a new self-driving chip are also expected to be revealed during the event. On the other hand, it is worthwhile to note that Tesla needs more new talent. Which would mean there is a lot more to work on. The Dojo chip was revealed, yet there are no updates about creating a full supercomputer for now.

Meanwhile, it is noteworthy for investors, as the value of Tesla as a company is expected to get higher. For more updates on the event and the technology, investors and analysts keep a close eye on the announcements.



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