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Triton N4 EV to arrive in India to compete with Tesla

Tesla is soon going to start selling its Electric Vehicles in India. And to compete with the company, Triton also plans to launch its N4 EV in the country. Not only Tesla but the launch of the vehicle will also give competition to EV’s by other manufacturers like Hyundai, Kia, Tata and more. Even many Indian startups are working on EVs just to tap into the growing market of the country.

All about the Triton N4 EV

Triton N4 EV

The vehicle comes with a very classy and futuristic design, and it doesn’t look any inferior to Tesla. The headlamps, grills, the colour, the bumper everything compliments each other beautifully making it a pleasant car to look at. Though, it is important to note that this might not be the final design of the car. Talking about the interior too, the N4 EV will have a media system similar to the Tesla vehicles.

Triton is an American country just like Tesla, and so there won’t be any trust problem for the brand. The EV released by the company will cost about Rs 35 lakhs which is much lesser than the Rs 50 lakh – Rs 60 lakh that the Model 3 will arrive for. This will help the company compete much better in the price-sensitive market of the country.


The Triton N4 EV will not be any less inferior from Tesla, even in terms of performance. The company will allow users to choose between a 75Kwh and a 100Kwh battery for a range of 523 Km and 696km respectively. Even in terms of juicing up the vehicle has fast charging which allows it to go from 0-80% in under an hour. And if that’s not good enough, I don’t know what will be.

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The panoramic sunroof of the car is also one of its main highlights. It is something that sets the vehicle apart from its competitors. The company says that there is a solar panel fit at the top of the vehicle. This allows it to save a lot of energy when stuck in traffics in the mid of the day. India is a hot country, and this is something EV manufactures should keep in mind. As batteries and heat are not best friends, the country’s afternoon heat might affect the range of cars drastically.

Reports suggest that the company is in talks with Bharat Electronics to collaborate with them and build batteries and other parts for India’s EVs. This might also help them reduce the costs of the vehicles in India even further.

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