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Troubleshooting Common Issues Of Your GPS Navigation Unit

troubleshooting GPS navigation issues

These days most people like to install their own GPS navigation systems in their cars so that they can make the most of advanced GPS Navigation technology. However, when you sometimes run your GPS navigation unit, you may come across certain problems.

Some of these problems may require professionals to resolve them while a few of them you can fix on your own. Go here for more solution garmingpsmap.net

Below we have mentioned some of the common errors or issues that you may face while using your GPS navigation system along with the steps to fix them up –

1. Unable To Start Up Your GPS Navigation System

  • First, make sure the vehicle key is switched on to IGNITION or ACC position.
  • Connect the power cord properly to the GPS navigation device.
  • Check for the blown fuse. In case there is one, replace it with a new fuse.
  • Charge up or Replace the flat battery.
  • Check the battery of its remote control and change it, if required.

2. ‘No Sound’ Issue Or Unable To Hear The Voice

  • First, make sure that the wire of speakers is connected properly with the GPS unit as well as the speakers.
  • Make sure that the volume is not muted by pressing the VOLUME (+/-) or “MUTE” button.
  • Try to increase the volume by pressing the VOLUME (+) key.
  • Check all the Left/Right and Front/Rear Speakers by pressing the “OSD” button on the control panel of your remote or adjust the “Audio” option.

3. Touch Screen Is Not Calibrated

  • Press the “Calibration” button in order to calibrate its monitor again.
  • Go to the “Menu” and select “Option”. After that choose the “System” option and then select “calibration”.

4. The Touch Screen Is Not Responding

  • This issue may be due to the possibility that the system is still processing the task previously given to it. So, you need to wait for a while and allow it to finish the job.
  • If the screen does not respond to your latest command even after a long period of time, kindly contact the Garmin Customer service and ask them to have a look at the issue.

5. Not Able To Play DVD

  • This issue might occur due to the inaccurate loading of the disc. So, you need to load the disc properly keeping the graphics side towards the windscreen.
  • Make sure that the disc is not damaged. Also, you must clean the disc before loading it.
  • If the disc is still not playing, then you need to check for its format and make sure that it is compatible with your device’s requirements.

6. The Screen Is Not Bright Enough Or It Is Too Dark

  • This can happen if the contrast or brightness adjustments of your screen are set at the lowest level.
  • To resolve this, press the “OSD” button on the remote control panel and adjust the contrast, brightness and chroma settings as per the requirements.

7. Unable To Locate Various Radio Stations Or Bad Radio Reception Issue

  • Make sure that the radio antenna is plugged in properly.
  • Simply try to re-plug the antenna.
  • This issue can also arise due to the position of your vehicle, especially if it is in the midst of the tall buildings.
  • Try to replug in the antenna when your vehicle is away from such places. If still the issue persists, then call Garmin Support and ask for help.

8. Reversing Camera Does Not Show Any Image

  • If you have a reversing camera installed, then make sure it is properly plugged into your GPS navigation unit.
  • You need to connect the reverse camera with the GPS navigation system and then press the “CCD” button on its remote-control panel.
  • If the problem is still unresolved, contact Garmin tech support.

9. No GPS Reception

  • Plug in the GPS antenna properly.
  • There might be the issue of signals in your area. So, call the service assistant and check the GPS reception situation in your current location.

10. GPS Is Not Able To Pinpoint The Current Location

  • The GPS loaded in the navigation system does not cover some of the remote areas.
  • Try updating your GPS maps as updated maps might cover all these remote areas and locations

11. GPS Is Unable To Find The Location I Am Trying To Find

  • Make sure that the address you entered is correct and re-enter it. If your GPS unit is still not able to locate it, it’s possible your GPS maps are not updated.
  • Update your GPS maps with the latest map updates.

12. The Map Does Not Show Up On The Screen

  • This problem is caused when thescale of the navigation maps is either too large or too small.
  • So, try changing the scale of thenavigation map. Now, you must be able to view the map on your screen.
  • If you are still not able to see themap, try to search again and set the scale.
  • If the problem persists, dial the Garmin Phone number and take help from experts.

13. Bluetooth Does Not Work

  • Make sure that the Bluetooth device is connected. Try pairing the Navigation system with your cell phone again.
  • If you are not able to find the Bluetooth serial port, contact your nearest distributor for assistance.

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