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How TrueDialog Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics to Improve Communication

TrueDialog is an SMS texting solutions company based out of Austin, Texas. Its unique “TrueDialog” feature enables businesses to communicate at scale while remaining attentive to the individual customer. Businesses can send thousands of notifications, reminders, or promotions at once with the ability to answer customer questions, address issues, and provide instant, personalized customer service.


Because TrueDialog’s platform is API-centric, it has the ability to integrate with a variety of applications including Microsoft Dynamics. 


What Is Microsoft Dynamics? 

Microsoft Dynamics is one of the leading customer relationship management (CRM) software applications in the world. Microsoft Dynamics can be used to connect people, data, and processes across different platforms including other Microsoft applications, such as Office 365, Azure, Outlook, and more. Its built-in data analytics provides insights to help users make smarter decisions. 


As a premier CRM solution, integration with Microsoft Dynamics is a key requirement for many applications. However, the level of integration can vary widely. Some texting applications still require a user to open separate windows, one to send the text and the other to enter the data into the CRM. A solution like TrueDialog has the capability to integrate at a deeper level. 


How Is TrueDialog Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics? 

TrueDialog’s text messaging software seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics, going beyond simple syncing of contact information.


TrueDialog’s solution relies on native integration, in which the text messaging capability has been built using Microsoft development tools. This provides the architectural base for ideal performance, reliability, and security needed. 

Other text messaging solutions providers use third-party integrators to provide the infrastructure for integration. Using third-party integration complicates the arrangement and increases the vulnerability and cost per text message. The outbound and inbound messages are counted as separate messages, so the cost increases substantially as the volume of messages increases. 


With TrueDialog’s native integration with Microsoft Dynamics, SMS messages flow seamlessly through the CRM while keeping costs down. 


Four Benefits of TrueDialog’s Integration with Microsoft Dynamics

Through the integration, users can send SMS directly from Microsoft Dynamics as easily as sending an email from inside the system. The existing database of the CRM, which typically includes accounts, contacts, and leads, is automatically synced with all SMS sent to or received from these profiles. For example, you can send an SMS to the customer to inform them of order status or tracking information. A sales team can use texting to inform team members of new leads or changes in the status of existing leads. 


The TrueDialog SMS integration with Microsoft Dynamics is a solution that’s easy to use, efficient, scalable, and secure. 


Ease of Communication 

One of the major benefits of the integration of TrueDialog with Microsoft Dynamics is the ease of implementation and use. Implementation time and difficulty is significantly reduced because of its native nature. Because SMS messaging takes place directly inside Microsoft Dynamics, the onboarding and training time is also reduced. Users already familiar with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM ecosystem will find it easy to use the embedded TrueDialog application. Without a native application, team members would need to learn a new program which typically requires a long learning curve to fluency. 



The efficiency of a CRM system is critical for businesses that are already stretching their resources to engage with customers. The UX (user experience) of TrueDialog integration with Microsoft Dynamics has been designed to provide users with quick and simple processes. Messaging conversations are automatically translated into leads and accounts in the CRM. An added benefit of this integration is that as users of the CRM become more responsive, they feel more productive. Managers also have greater visibility into what’s being communicated with customers. 



As a cloud-based application, TrueDialog does not require a massive investment in hardware or IT infrastructure. A simple change in settings can provide more bandwidth, allowing users to send or receive a higher number of text messages to accommodate dynamic business needs. It can also allow businesses to grow at a much faster pace. 



As TrueDialog is built for enterprise-grade SMS needs, it has been designed for better control over data access and enhanced cybersecurity features. The nature of the native application means that TrueDialog has the same security protocol as Microsoft Dynamics, minimizing the chances of a security breach or containment issues. Because there is no need to use third-party servers, communication remains secure on Microsoft’s protected cloud servers such as Microsoft Azure, which offers extensive data recovery features. Keeping everything housed with Microsoft also makes for easier system administration. 




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