TSMC founder Morris Chang makes big announcement about Arizona plant

Founder of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Morris Chang, said on Monday that the company is planning to manufacture highly advanced chips at its new factory located in state of Arizona. The company is currently constructing a 12 billion dollar chip manufacturing plant in Arizona.

Morris Chang made this statement to news reporters after returning from APEC summit in Thailand. He was representative of Taiwanese government to Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.

According to Morris Chang the company has still not come to any final decisions regarding what type of chips should be manufactured in the Arizona plant. He said that company might go for producing less efficient 5-nanometer chips in the first phase of production, and then move onto producing highly advanced 3-nanometer chips in the second phase of production. Both types of chips would be produced at the same plant site in arizona.

Almost a year ago, Reuters News Agency had reported that TSMC will decide upon production line and other specifics of manufacture once the production officially starts at the plant.

TSMC which was founded by Morris Chang in 1987 is largest semiconductor manufacturing entity in the world. It owns more than 95 percentage of global chip production and supply.

TSMC was founded by Morris Chang in 1984
TSMC was founded by Morris Chang in 1987

Semiconductor industry and chip manufacturing has been in news headlines for past few months as shortage in chip supply impacted electronics and defence sectors very badly. Chinese claims that Taiwan is an integral part of people’s Republic of China and agressive moves from their part is making issues more complicated.

TSMC facilities in Taiwan currently produces a major portion of chips which are supplied to various multinational conglomerates in and out of United States of America. If China invades Taiwan and gets their control over chip production, designs and Manufacturing techniques, it will be a big blow for western world who have been criticising china for not viewing Taiwan as a sovereign nation.

Once the TSMC chip manufacturing plant in Arizona commences production of 5 nano metre and 3 nano metre type chips, dependency on manufacturing facilities in Taiwan will reduce exponentially.

While talking at the APEC summit, Morris Chang claimed that various countries have approached TSMC requesting the company to set-up Manufacturing plants in their states. He also said that various people are jealous of highly advanced chip manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and wants similar facilities in their own countries for various reasons such as national security, money etc.

Various countries including United States have began working with stakeholders to begin large scale production of chips in their own soil.