Hacked account of RealMe India's Support Page on Twitter

Twitter Account Of RealMe Hacked To Scam People

Hacked account of RealMe India’s Support Page on Twitter


With the increasing cyber crime, cyber scams are increasing too. Among all the cyber-scams, scams of cryptocurrencies are the most rising ones. Bitcoin scam are increasing at spreading and increasing like a jungle fire. Yet another such big case is the RealMe hacking.

The official handle of a smartphone brand RealMe’s official support page was hacked by a group of scammers to coordinate a cryptocurrency scam. The RealMe support page however noticed this in no time and took back the handle. Although many people noticed this, this diminished the impact of the scam.

RealMe’s support page’s Twitter handle @realmecareIN was hacked temporarily. After hacking, the scammers changed the Twitter handle’s name to the name of a stylish electronic automatic car manufacturing company’s name Tesla which is owned by engineer and entrepreneur- Elon Musk.

Elon Musk and the company Tesla are both considered to be huge supporters and propagators of the cryptocurrencies, especially the Bitcoin, which is the most famous and biggest and most bought crypto currency. The scammers took advantage of the official blue mark of the RealMe’s page to conduct the scam. They allured twitter users by using Musk’s name into tweets to conduct the scam by tweeting, “Win a lot of Bitcoins in our broadcast. We start in 3 minutes.”

Another malicious tweet regarding this read- “Tesla goes beyond the usual understanding of decentralization. And think we have something to surprise you today.”

RealMe gave an official response to this and said that the company is monitoring and keeping close track of the development and activity of the Twitter handle of RealMe Support. RealMe also guaranteed that it is investigating this matter internally.

Consultant and informant- Mr. Ishan Agarwal shared this news on Twitter with quite a few screenshots of the malicious posts posted by RealMe India online support’s hacked Twitter account whose name was changed to ‘T e s l a’ by the hackers.

RealMe India Support has now retrieved its hacked Twitter account and deleted all the malicious tweets tweeted when it was in the hands of the Hackers. The last tweet now seen on the handle is from April 15 which says- “We are on the lookout for passionate people to join our team as #realme service partners. If you share our passion to always deliver the highest value to customers, this is your chance. Drop your CVs at and we will take this forward.”