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Confidential Epic Emails Reveals Walmart’s Unannounced Cloud Gaming Service 

Confidential Epic Emails Reveals Walmart’s Unannounced Cloud Gaming Service 

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A new confidential email details Walmart’s unannounced cloud gaming service, codenamed “Project Storm.” Exhibits from Epic Games’ Apple trial show that its Epic Games and Fortnite are on board.

A presentation attached to the email shows how Walmart sold its cloud gaming service to publisher Epic Games. Rein also excitedly shared a photo of a game clip with the rest of the Epic Game leadership team, which shows that Walmart plans to sell it in stores by plugging the phone into a controller. Exhibits from the Apple lawsuit filed by Epic gaming show that it is Epic games and Fortnite is on board. An exhibit from Epic Games’ Apple lawsuit shows how Walmart is offering a cloud gaming service for Epic Gaming, as it has done with other major publishers.

In an email thread from April 2019, Epic Games co-founder and CEO Tim Sweeney said that the Walmart demo was played on an Android phone with an Xbox controller and that the feeling of playing on the PS4 was better than playing with Android.

According to a presentation attached to the email, Walmart is advertising its “cloud gaming service” to publishers, including Epic Games. Rein showed him and the rest of the EPIC Games leadership team photos of game footage to demonstrate how Walmart plans to sell games recorded in – through the ability to connect phones to controllers.
Apple Vs Epic Games
An exhibit from the Apple trial by Epic Games shows Walmart’s plans to join its cloud gaming service Epic Game and bring Fortnite on board, the email said.

Exhibits from the Apple study by Epic Games show that Walmart’s cloud gaming service belongs to Epic Game, but not before it brought Fortnite on board. Epic Games’ Apple test revealed more than the company liked, and it has since apologized for its failure in the Apple trial.

The pandemic has caused everyone to stay at their home and this resulted in a surge in gaming. This has driven interest in many companies to launch their own cloud gaming solution Walmart being one of them. We still don’t know what the partnership with Epic games will bring to the table the and the demo of an Android phone with an Xbox controller has our attention.

However, it’s still not known how “Project Storm.” will it stand against other cloud competitors like Stadia and Xbox cloud.




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