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Twitter adds a one-click subscription button for Revue newsletter



Twitter, the microblogging social networking platform that is loved by billions of people across the globe, and which usually remains under some kind of controversy every second day of the year is here with another small update, making a big impact on people’s lives.

According to recent reports, Twitter has now included a subscribe button to tweets for its Revue newsletter. So, users will be able to sign-up to the Revue Newsletter service directly from their Twitter timeline with a simple click of a button without following a complicated sign-up process.

This is a very small feature added by Twitter for its user’s convenience but according to what consumer patterns have revealed through these years, users are much likely to press a single subscribe button than to specially navigate to a separate window, follow the dedicated sign-up procedure, head back to the timeline and start scrolling again. It will never work that way and Twitter knows this fact. So, why not embed an option on the main Twitter timeline.

Starting today, if someone tweets his/her newsletter issue on the platform, other users will see an option to subscribe when they get back to their Twitter feed. As mentioned in a report by Engadget, the feature is now available on the Twitter website, and it will soon be rolled out as an update on iOS and Android.

In addition to this, as reported by the Verge, if you have your email ID linked to your Twitter account, you will directly be able to log in without having to navigate through your mailbox and confirm your subscription to Twitter’s Revue newsletter service.

This seems to be a very convenient way for the social networking company to increase its Revue Newsletter issuers, and there is definitely an added advantage because billions of people use Twitter and are familiar with Revue than other third-party Newsletter services like Substack.

Twitter bought Revue back in January and we all know for a fact that Twitter has become the fastest source of trending information and news in the world and having a newsletter every morning with the latest updates will be super convenient for Twitter users and Newsletter readers.

What do you think, will Twitter be able to pull of Revue Newsletter and make it a success because there are people who like to read and there are people who prefer other mediums like video format or audio format, for that matter? Let us know what you think in the comments down below.



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