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Twitter adds a prompt asking iOS 14.5 users to enable ad tracking


Source: MacRumors Forums

Twitter has fallen in line with other developers to add a prompt on its platform that politely asks iPhone users with iOS 14.5 to enable ad tracking on their devices. The tone of the prompt resembles something like “Pretty Please User, Please!” but only if they could.

Apple’s iOS 14.5 hit the spotlight with its new feature called “App Tracking Transparency” which basically takes the command for tracking your device from the developers and gives it to the user instead. Since its launch, developers have been rattled as ad revenue is a fairly lucrative business that developers use to make good money but not anymore, this whole branch of ad tracking and generating revenue is now at the mercy of the user, like it should always have been. Thank you, Apple!

However, what is interesting to see with Twitter is that it took a polite and seemingly straightforward approach with its users on enabling ad tracking, unlike some social media conglomerates we know about (Hint: Zuckerberg). Twitter says that having the ad tracking feature enabled allows the company to serve “better” advertisements. The micro-blogging company justifies by saying that enabling this feature will keep ads relevant to each user by allowing Twitter to track data from other companies on your specific devices (iPhone), such as apps that you use and websites that you visit.

Other than this, the prompt also adds a link to your iPhone settings from within the Twitter prompt, so that users can enable the feature right away. Twitter also adds a link to its support page in the Twitter Help Centre which explains exactly why the company has to ask for permission from the user, it adds a link to the current App Privacy Policy.

Anyhow, in some way, this is an ethical approach to deal with the situation. A low-key attempt by the company to keep making its earnings through ad tracking. Apple has really tied the knots with its new update and over 95% of Americans have already disabled app tracking on their iOS 14.5 devices.

Facebook Inc. on the other hand, did not take the news well and was devastated with not being able to control its advertisement revenue stream. The social media conglomerates aggressive approach also gave users a borderline threat which vaguely says that enabling ad tracking will help the company keep Facebook and Instagram free of charge for users.

Wise of Twitter to not follow the path of rage, in today’s time, users will take no time to replace these apps with something new and developers will take no time to create Facebook, Instagram and Twitter alternatives to fill the void.




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