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Twitter cannot keep calm as Youtubers vs. Tiktokers take the spotlight.

The two names ‘YouTube’ and TikTok’ come with the echoes of locking horns, for it is not a secret that the two platforms are occasionally at loggerheads with one another, and permanently at cold war. These echoes become all the more prominent with Youtubers vs TikTokera taking center stage, with the brawl between influencers turning rather heated and fired up. The Battle of Platforms has been in the headlines with Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall leading the news. The boxing event held in Miami will give the final verdict on which platform gets to win. Since both aren’t ready to back down anytime soon, the event gains more momentum and in no time the echoes will soon turn into shouts. There is no denying that the event was a success with the presence of a huge crowd with shiny performances from Migos, Lil Baby, and DJ Khaled.

The echoes are all the more audible across the walls of Twitter, with memes and responses on the go. These days Twitter has assumed multiple roles of being a debating platform, discussion ground, cheering stage, and if it is not too much, a brilliant sparring ground as well, although the weapons used are sarcasm and jokes. Equally sharp but less harmful and totally ideal.

Here is a set of the best responses and reactions from the Sparring ground aka Twitter.

Peace comes from different sources apparently. Although, it is a tiny bit ironic as here it came from Bryce Hall being beaten to a pulp.

We are never short of controversies. Apparently, landing 30 punches is not enough reason to win the title.

Every fight has its share of noble souls.

Occasional blindness should be blamed here or perhaps, oblivion.

Aggression is on point.

Well, at least on the bright side, there is someplace to vent out the fury.

Talk about working together for a cause.

It is very much believable.

The times when you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. It is pure coincidence if you are reminded of the phrase “operation successful but the patient died” here. The clock was definitely ticking for TikTok.

Think twice before you get on a ring. You never know what is coming and from where. It is always wise to gloat after you are sure that you aren’t floating in the air.

Somebody get these people a good pair of glasses.

Seems like the referee was on fire too.

Apparently, it is not just love that sweeps you off your feet.






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