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Twitter chants “Wakanda Forever” but with a twist!

Wakanda Inu

The surging popularity and influence of cryptocurrency is a fact that both crypto supporters and skeptics have accepted. The domain is growing and the spotlight on crypto is growing bright day by day as more and more people step into the world of crypto all set for the ride of their lives, despite the fact that it can often be a tumultuous rollercoaster. But hey, roller coaster rides can be fun. At the moment, Twitterati’s attention and interest are solely focused on a new star in town. Yes, we are talking about the Wakanda Inu coin. Now that might have struck a chord with all those who marvelled at Marvel’s “Black Panther.” Now you know why Twitter is chanting “Wakanda Forever.”

Wakanda Inu

Cryptocurrency and popularity are two terms that go hand in hand. Add to that mix, something as popular as Marvel. Now there is a formula for an intriguing combination. Wakanda Inu is the result of someone’s idea of clubbing the popularity of crypto with that of the much-loved Marvel film “Black Panther.” This gives them an extra highlight which might or might not prove to be of help in securing investors. For we all know about the craze associated with Marvel and particularly with “Black Panther.” “Wakanda Forever” is not something that can be easily forgotten and it sure can attract some amount of attention. However, despite the popularity associated with “Black Panther” netizens are still a bit wary of the coin given the fiasco with the Squid Game cryptocurrency. Some lessons are hard to forget and after the monumental scam that was the Squid Game cryptocurrency, people are thinking twice before investing in yet another meme styled cryptocurrency.

But now the Twitter town is talking about Wakanda Inu all of a sudden as the coin claimed to gain over 27k holders just a few days within the launch. Now that is a commendable number and no wonder that Wakanda Inu has rocketed to the trending list. The discussion is raging and Wakanda Inu is gaining steam. However, the big question whose answer is still uncertain is whether or not this cryptocurrency is a safe bet. We all know that cryptocurrency entails some amount of risk. The point is whether it is worth the risk. Also, the fact that Wakanda Inu’s official website gives little to no information about the project is susceptible to doubt. Crypto is already uncertain waters, and clarity is the least we can ask for. For now, let’s flip through the plethora of reactions and responses on Twitter and let time tell whether Wakanda Inu will live up to its slogan or not.

Who said that crypto is devoid of drama?




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