Twitter Employees Left Meeting As Elon Musk Continued Speaking: Report

Twitter fell into a chaotic abyss post the arrival of its new chief Elon Musk after many employees seemed to have quit following a due date given by the billionaire entrepreneur and the company sent emails it was shutting its “office buildings” for the next few days.

Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter

In a report, the New York Times (NYT) said that after a 5 pm Thursday due date was given by Musk to employees to choose whether to leave or stay on at Twitter, “hundreds of Twitter employees appeared to have decided to depart with three months of severance pay.” The social media platform also announced through email that it would shut its “office buildings” and disable badge access of employees until Monday.

Meanwhile all this was going on, Musk and his group of trusted advisers also had dialogue with some Twitter workers who were deemed “critical” in order to stop them from leaving the company. The confusion was caused due to confusing messages from Musk about the Twitter’s remote work policy.

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His team also held meetings with “undecided employees” who are important to Twitter’s operations in an effort to try to convince them to stay.

The NYT report stated, “In his pitch, Mr Musk said that he knew how to win and that those who wanted to win should join him.”

It further added, “In one of those meetings, some employees were summoned to a conference room in the San Francisco office while others called in via videoconference. As the 5 pm deadline passed, some who had called in began hanging up, seemingly having decided to leave, even as Mr. Musk continued speaking.”