Ted Cruz speech

Twitter flares up with cryptocurrency memes yet again.

Cryptocurrency gracing the trending list on Twitter is not an unusual phenomenon. Nor are the occasional shower of crypto memes. Although discerning the actual reason for the sudden flare-up of memes is often a daunting task, it doesn’t stop the memes from flaring up. Today, once again cryptocurrency has made it to the trending list on Twitter with a convoy of memes to accompany it. Although the memes touch diverse spectrums, the root reason for the sudden trend is the speech given by Senator Ted Cruz who asked his fellow senators not to regulate something about which their knowledge was limited. To be very precise, he said not to regulate it without knowing, “what in the hell” it means. Talk about strong language. Ever since his piercing speech crypto soon began to trend on Twitter with a good majority of Twitter users slamming the infrastructure bill which was more harm than help to crypto.

The What and Why

Ted Cruz apparently let out all his anger while lashing out at his fellow senators over the course of a debate over regulating crypto for the sake of tax enforcement requirements. Although the language was rather sharp, bordering a bit on sarcastic rude, it cannot be denied that it was not without a cause. What he wanted to get across was a small message which is to not destroy something because of mere ignorance. Likewise, regulating something about which you do not have a clear idea will only lead to a catastrophe. Particularly when it is something like a cryptocurrency that is still striving to gain a firm ground. Unnecessary restraints will only stump its growth and potential.

Senator Cruz went all out with his speech as he pressed to take away the “harmful regulations” which are a part of the bipartisan infrastructure bill. (Again, it cannot be denied that the speech was rude in a witty way.) He even went on to say, “Let’s exercise a brief shining moment of common sense.” Well, it takes nerve to put across your words with such clarity and force and it looks like his words did manage to make an impact. Following the speech, cryptocurrency soon entered the trending list on Twitter. Although the speech was the starting point, the memes and posts touched a diverse range of topics which isn’t very surprising after all.

Obsessed much?

Now that is something related to the topic

It is all a matter of belief, my friend.

Applauses are being heard.

Now that is called fairness of action.


Looks like nobody expected that from Ted Cruz.

Surprise and shock.

It is the same reaction from everyone that it is beginning to take up a humorous tint.

You know if you know.