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Twitter flares up with responses as Dogecoin prices surge

It seems like the glorious springtime is back for cryptocurrency as the market is exhilarated with rising prices. If the reports are to be believed the market cap of cryptocurrency surged by a whopping $2.72 trillion globally. Take it from crypto for going to the extremes. When it falls, it falls hard and deep. And when it rises, it soars quite high. Quite naturally, the notable surge in prices after a rather downhill period has got the crypto enthusiasts all the more enthusiastic and exhilarated and the same is well reflected on Twitter as reactions and responses pile up one after the other.


The What And Why

For the past two months, things were looking quite gloomy and dull for the cryptocurrency domain. All thanks to the new COVID variant, omicron due to which the stock markets crashed. Crypto prices were plummeting. And investors were in a frenzy as the prices showed no signs of coming up. But once again, crypto has proved the roller coaster theory right. When you least expect it, it comes up, and it has definitely come up and this has got the Twitter town quite excited.

Another reason for the sudden surge in Dogecoin prices might be the fact that Binance has yet again opened the withdrawal of DOGE following a technical glitch. The same had resulted in a rather heated war of words between Elon Musk and the CEO of the exchange.

Today, Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency hit the $57,000 mark marking the surge of crypto prices. Dogecoin prices witnessed a surge of over 3 percent while Shiba Inu saw a 4 percent raise. The Dogecoin prices were moving through a rather low phase for the past one week as the panic concerning the new variant took its toll on the prices. However, it seems like the crypto market has recovered from the rather hard hit and it is surging. We cannot say if this development is temporary relief or if it is going to last for quite some time. After all, we are talking about cryptocurrency. Volatility and uncertainty come with the definition and you never know what is going to happen next.

Responses On Twitter

As usual, the excitement and exhilaration associated with the surge in prices are well reflected on Twitter as Dogecoin rockets to the trending list. Twitter never fails to notice even the slightest development in the crypto domain and soon enough we have a new topic of discussion. Dogecoin is the most talked-about cryptocurrency on Twitter today apart from Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana which also witnessed a notable surge in prices. Dogecoin alone managed to gain over 3000 tweets. Now that is quite something. Let us flip through a few of these reactions and responses.



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